Medication Safety & Compliance Pharmacist


Shall be responsible for collaborating with Pharmacy Management and Clinical leaders to develop strategies and set priorities for improving medication safety.

Key roles include:

  1. To lead and monitor medication safety operational activities including use of Pharmacy Module.
  2. To develop and oversee error-prevention and performance improvement strategies related to medication safety throughout the hospital.
  3. To identify improvement opportunities to improve the medication-use system and ensure compliance with best practices based on analytics of the hospital’s medication use data.
  4. To drive compliance with the national and international professional standards of practice.
  5. To build a culture of medication safety across the organization.


  1. Qualification:
  • University Degree of Pharmacist (Bachelor or Pharm.D degree from Western or International University highly recommended)
  • Additional post-graduate clinical pharmacy degree or significant training highly recommended
  1. Experience: Significant professional experience in international environment (>1 year)
  2. Skills and knowledge:
  • High skills for problem solving, effective communication and influence
  • Responsibility and accountability: maintain a high level of practice in accordance with legal and professional requirement, maintain confidentiality and accurate records.
  • Supervisory skills and ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent customer services skills
  1. Foreign language(s): Excellent English language skills, French recommended.