Nurse/Midwife – Healthcare at home


General purpose of the position:

  • To support discharged patient’s recovery, and enhance continuing care, a group of nursing team is established to provide nursing and care services at the patients’ home.
  • Home care services is also provided upon requests from outpatients and corporate clients requiring blood and sample collection and wound dressings.
  • These services must be ordered by the doctor in charge of the patient or by telemedicine requests, with the necessary instructions given to the respective staff.
  • Assisted teleconsultation is also provided with the nurse at the patient’/client’s house to coordinate orders or care during the doctor’s teleconsultation.
  • The coordinator will organize these services upon receiving the related requests, and the nurses/midwife will perform the related care or services during their working hours at the patient/client’s home.


  • Bachelor/College in Nursing
  • Nurses Practice License
  • Work experience from inpatient medical, surgical or maternity ward is required
  • Be able to perform nursing procedures efficiently
  • Exhibit team work spirit; positive and respectful attitude with supervisor, colleagues and patient/clients and their family members
  • Be polite; honest and have a sense of responsibility
  • Be adaptable; able to work well in the patients’/clients’ home environment
  • Respects patient/clients’ confidentiality
  • Communication skills in English is appreciated