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Coming to FV Lifestyle, you will receive helpful advice from our doctors and consultants to have a naturally beautiful breast

  • Size and shape of breast implants are different due to differing body shapes.
  • Location of breast implants are carefully considered to create a perfect shape.
  • Special implant techniques are prioritised to minimize glandular lesions, blood vessels and retain breasts’ natural bounciness and softness.

The curve of the breasts becomes more balanced and natural. In addition, this surgery also balances the patient’s weight, pushing physical activity, making it easy to dress up and improve mental health.


Breast Micromastia is the condition when the breast size is too small compared to the patient’s body. This can affect her physical and mental wellbeing as she lacks self-confidence. Breast augmentation is the solution to address these problems.


Incisions can be performed in many different locations: around the areola, underarms, and under the breasts. It is possible to place breast implants in one of two ways, in the breast tissue behind the mammary gland and in front of the breast muscle, or behind both the mammary and breast muscles. The surgery takes about 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours.


The surgery helps to increase breast size and improve breast shape. The patient will feel more confident with the feminine appearance and can dress how she has always desired.