Using The electronic health book application to check your COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Electronic Health Book application (Sổ sức khỏe điện tử) is an application on the electronic device platform of the Ministry of Health to help people know and manage their own health information, be proactive in disease prevention and their health care.

With the Electronic Health Book application, each person who has been vaccinated against Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam will have an electronic “Certificate of Immunization” by QR code, accompanied by a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.

STEP 1: Go to APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY searching for: ‘’Sổ sức khỏe điện tử’’ or scan below QR to install the app.

STEP 2: Registration: use your full name & phone number to register an account. The full name and phone number should be the same to the ones provided when vaccinated

STEP 3: On main screen, choose ‘’Cá nhân’’ to input your personal data including DoB, Passport/ National ID number

STEP 4: Choose icon you want to access

1. Vaccination Registration Utility: Register for COVID-19 vaccine

2. Health declaration

3. Vaccination Confirmation Utility: Provide information on whether to agree to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

4. Vaccination Certificate Utility: Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19

5. Post-Injection Response Utility: Provides medical information about health status, symptoms that occur if any after being vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine.

6. Health book code

7. Health Records widget: Information about Personal Health Records

8. Book an appointment: Book an appointment at a medical facility.

9. Other services

STEP 5: click on icon number 4 to see your vaccination information. Click on the QR to see the detail of the shot.

You can also check your Covid-19 vaccination information on the website:

STEP 1: Access to the link , in the “Lookup/Search” section select “Look up/Search injection certificate” or to the link

STEP 2: provide complete and accurate personal information of the person to be searched, then click “Lookup/Search” again. Note: (*) denotes required fields.

STEP 3: Enter the OTP code received from the phone number provided in step 2 and click confirm to finish the operation.

You can also request to adjust your Covid-19 vaccination information by providing complete information, upload a photo of “Certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 at link:


Using The electronic health book application to check your COVID-19 vaccination certificate