Leading Vietnamese interventional cardiologist Dr Huynh Ngoc Long is now Head of Cardiology at FVH

The Cardiology Department is one of FV Hospital’s key specialties. It’s mission – to be a leading cardiology centre in Vietnam. As part of FV’s ongoing work to realise this goal, a multi-disciplinary catheterisation laboratory has been established within this department, managed by cardiologists, radiographers and vascular surgeons.

Dr Huynh Ngoc Long, one of Vietnam’s leading interventional cardiologists, joined FV Family as the Head of Department on 11th July 2017.

Dr Long will maintain an essential role in setting up, developing and managing this lab.

With more than 22 years of experience in cardiology and interventional cardiology, Dr Long is recognised as a pioneer in his field in Vietnam.

After graduating as a paediatrician from HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University in 1989, he went on to obtain his Specialisation Degree Level I in Paediatrics in 1995, also from this university.

Dr Long continued his education by achieving a second degree in Interventional Cardiology from the University of European George Pampidou, Paris, France in 2001.

On his return to Vietnam, Dr Long obtained his Specialisation Degree Level II in Paediatric Cardiology from HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University in 2009.

Prior to joining FV Family, Dr Long was Vice Chief of Cardiology Intervention at The Heart Institute of HCMC, a role he held for 17 years (from 1995 until he joined FVH).

In addition to his clinical career, Dr Long has also lectured on cardiology ultrasound and cardiology problems as part of programmes jointly held by The Heart Institute and Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University since 2001. Dr Long has been an official lecturer of the Heart Institute’s Cardiology Intervention Programme from 2013 to the present.

Dr Long is also involved in training cardiologists and developing cardiology teams at over 20 hospitals nationwide.

For more information or to schedule an appointment at FVH’s Cardiology Department, please call (028) 5411 3333 (Ext. 1216)