Making medical declaration on PC-COVID app when visiting FV Hospital

From 1st November 2021, FV Hospital and FV Saigon Clinic – District 1 apply electronic medical declaration via PC-Covid application, following the request of the Ministry of Health for all subjects visiting medical facilities.

For the convenience for our patients/relatives/guests as well as help the electronic medical declaration process be completed quickly, reduce waiting time, please follow the instruction below:

  • Step 1: Making medical declaration via PC-Covid within 24 hours before visiting FV Hospital/ FV Saigon Clinic. For customers who do not have PC-Covid on the phone, please bring a picture of your personal QR code taken/printed from PC-Covid application/ Ho Chi Minh health app or to get the support from our staff

  • Step 2: Present the QR Code on PC-Covid application to the staff at the entrance.

  • Step 3: Our staff will scan the QR code and invite you to come in if all is OK. Customers are reminded to follow 5K regulations at all times inside the building. In case further screening is needed, our staff will guide you through.


  • You may present a photo of QR code taken from the PC-Covid application in case you do not have access to the app when you arrive.
  • You can also declare for yourself and for your relatives on your own PC-Covid application
  • If you have difficulties in making medical declaration on PC-Covid application, our staff at the screening area are there to assist you.