Memorable Moments from in Vietnam Doctors’ Day Celebration at FV Hospital

On the afternoon of 27th February, 2023, FV Hospital held a celebration for Vietnamese Doctors’ Day to honour and thank the doctors who have collaborated with FV Group. The ceremony took place in a cordial and cosy atmosphere, with the participation of the Board of Directors, managers and more than 100 doctors from FV Hospital, ACC Clinic and FV Saigon Clinic.

The ceremony started with a short clip, capturing dynamic moments of their medical work and some thoughts from our doctors. It may be ordinary for doctors to do their job, but it has brought deep gratitude for many patients and colleagues. The video brought laughter and fun moments in celebration of the medical profession.

FV Hospital’s COO, Ms Pham Thi Thanh Mai emotionally shared about the work of doctors

On behalf of the Board of Directors of FV Hospital, Ms Pham Thi Thanh Mai (COO) had heartfelt and emotional message for the doctors. “With kindness, devotion, experience, and with their wholehearted attitude, our doctors have brought health, healing and new lives to patients; To me, it’s the magic of real life and it’s obviously more beautiful than just a story in a fairy tale.” Additionally, she emphasised the importance of the medical profession to the community, as well as the special role of doctors and medical staff in the community who bring “miracles” to patients.

Dr Do Trong Khanh thanks the hospital for the positive support of the medical team

Next, Dr Do Trong Khanh, on behalf of the medical team, thanked the hospital leadership board for caring about the entire team, not only on this special day. Dr Khanh then wrapped up and invited a senior doctor at FV whom he highly respects, the Deputy Medical Director – Dr Henri Maries.

Dr Henri Maries sent his sincere sharing with an “innocent approach” of a senior doctor

In his speech, Dr Henri emphasised: “Any doctor needs to practice their ethics and empathy for patients. These two things will guide the doctor on their medical career path.” With the observation and experience of a French doctor, Dr Henri again brought special feelings on Vietnamese Doctors’ Day.

The sharing brought much joy and emotions from Ms Tran Thi Thanh Cuc

Ms Tran Thi Thanh Cuc (Head Nurse of the Outpatient Department) – representing the nursing team – sent her thanks and gracious thoughts to the doctors and their families. “On this special occasion, I would like to send my biggest thanks to our families of doctors, who have been a solid support for them to work with peace of mind,”

Ms Nguyen Thi Le Thu shares her joy and pride in the strong doctor team at FV

At the end of the ceremony, on behalf of Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, Ms Nguyen Thi Le Thu (Marketing & Business Development Director) sent best wishes to all doctors and their families. Ms Le Thu also addressed the great challenges in the Vietnamese health sector, as well as of FV Hospital. “When the healthcare industry is facing many changes, the doctors at FV should be even more proud of the achievements we have brought to patients and the hospital,” said Ms Le Thu.

Doctors celebrate on a special day honouring their precious work

Closing the ceremony to celebrate the 68th Vietnamese Doctors’ Day, we hope that, along with the professional development of our doctors, the country’s health sector will overcome difficult times and achieve more successes. We wish all doctors health and joy in helping patients and continue to bring beautiful values to life.