Breast augmentation has become a much-needed solution for women who have suffered with insecurity and self-confidence issues due to the size of their breasts. With the technology and approach behind the procedure becoming  more and more advanced, breast augmentation is the safest it has ever been.  

Below is detailed advice for those who are interested in the breast augmentation procedure which has been provided by Doctor Vo Thanh Sang, a specialist at FV Hospital’s FV Lifestyle Clinic.

Doctor Vo Thanh Sang, FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital

Who is able to undergo breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is available for both men and women who are at the age of 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit, FV Hospital has previously performed surgery to replace mammary implants and lift the breasts of a 70-year-old woman. Certain conditions may however prohibit patients from undergoing the procedure. These include: cardiovascular problems, diabetes, blood pressure diseases, liver diseases, among others. Like any surgical procedure, doctors have to check the patient’s health and evaluate the risks before deciding whether they can undergo a breast augmentation.

The procedure is performed by putting implants into the breasts as part of a mammoplasty. There are many kinds of implants with different sizes. Typically round or teardrop shaped implants are chosen, with a smooth or rough surface, with the size being from 100cc to 400cc. According to Dr Vo Thanh Sang, simply implanting a large implant is not enough, care should be taken to choose implants which are suitable for each individual’s own body shape.

What are the standards for ideal breasts?

Beautiful breasts are based on the index of the “golden triangle”, which is measured from the top of the sternum to the two nipples. Ideally the index should be an isosceles triangle shape. After having the index of the breasts, doctors will offer consultations about the kinds of implants to ensure the proportion when fitting them, so that it is not uncomfortable after implanting. Customers should consider carefully about having larger breasts because of the effect on their aesthetics and health. For example, if a person with a 12cm breast frame chooses a 14cm implant, it can make the breasts appear unattractive or the skin maybe limited when trying to implant a 400cc implant. Putting in larger ones will raise the risk of complications and be detrimental to the patient’s health.

Choosing implants with the right size following the ideal index standards will help patients to have desired breasts

At least one year after breast augmentation, patients can have surgery to increase the size of their breasts further. However, doctors will advise patients to choose implants that are slightly larger than they want as the skin and tissue will relax in the future so the implant will be more symmetrical and patients will then not need to have a further surgical procedure.

Based on the capsular risk and capsular contracture in each person as well as the position of the implant, doctors will offer consultations to choose a smooth or rough implant. Smooth or rough implants do not affect mammary tissues, however patients will feel more comfortable with smooth implants than a rough one. The smooth implants, however, are easy to move so the risk of capsular contracture is higher.

There are a lot of positions to put the implant into the body, but the most common places are the armpit, peri-areolar, and infra-mammary fold. Doctors will choose the most suitable place for each individual. In cases of small areolae, they will become larger after the implantation so patients should not worry about the symmetry. If patients would like to become pregnant during this period, doctors will advise them to put the implant through the infra-mammary fold as it will make the implant stay under the mammary gland and help preserve the milk gland.

Recovery time and warnings about daily activities after surgery

A breast augmentation surgical procedure lasts about 60 to 90 minutes depending on each case, such as time spent on; putting in the implant, cutting excessive skin, suspending the implant, etc. Patients would only need to stay in the hospital for one night following the surgery to be observed. After seven to ten days, there will be slight pain when touching the areas as the wound heals. After three to six months, patients can go to the gym. For especially strong sports such as soccer, volleyball, yoga, martial arts, etc., it is advised to not play until six months after. This is because the mammary skin will adapt to the implant and be supple. After this period, the implants are stable for ten years and mostly last a lifetime. However, it is still advised that patients should have an implant screening annually.

When deciding to have a breast augmentation, common questions are  whether the procedure is painful and whether it will leave a scar. Dr Vo Thanh Sang shares that FV Lifestyle implements the multimodal pain relief method with a combination of mechanisms during the surgery and post-operation so patients hardly feel any pain. So much so that FV Lifestyle has had occasions where customers come to have breast augmentation, and liposuction at the same time.

At FV Lifestyle, after the surgery, doctors apply a biological glue method to paste on the cut made, helping them to tighten and reduce scars considerably. Even after the surgery, patients can take a bath normally and will not need to avoid water. After seven to ten days, the glue will peel off and safely remove itself from out of the body.

Check the implants immediately

In 2019, newspapers published an article on a case where a woman’s implant broke when she was on an aeroplane. This information caused a stir in public opinion, and concerns were raised if this incident was common. At present, there is no medical evidence which shows that implants will break due to pressure, such as being on a plane. In fact, implants can suffer from very high pressure, and are tested to even be able to endure a truck running over them.  However, implants are easy to be breached and at risk of leaking out if a sharp objects pierces them. In such instances, even if minor, patients should seek medical attention to screen them.

When putting the implant into a patient’s breasts, it will be stretched, soft, and natural. If the breasts become abnormally soft, or suddenly are not stretched, symmetrical, or round anymore, patients also should undergo an examination, such as an ultrasound or MRI, to screen them. In cases where breast augmentation is performed incorrectly, infection, pain, capsular contracture or even skin tissue death (necrosis) can arise.

During X-rays, the implants are transparent so it hardly affects the diagnostic imaging results. Therefore, it is advised that patients should inform technicians about the breast augmentation when they take an examination in the chest area.

Breast augmentation is a significant procedure so it will cause serious  complications if it is not carried out in the correct way. Hence, before deciding to have a breast augmentation, patients should visit prestigious centres which are licenced and are highly qualified to take an examination and receive clear consultations to avoid problems such as pain, additional correction procedures or even removing them.

FV Lifestyle Clinic, directly under FV Hospital with the collaboration of Dr Vo Thanh Sang and experienced aesthetic doctors, will offer patients consultations to choose beautifying methods suitable for every line in the body and help them to have natural and perfect beauty for themselves.

With the precept “It’s you but more beautiful”, FV Lifestyle affirms our prestige through successful cases of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery which require caution and high qualification. These include; liposuction, breast augmentation, creating body lines, Botox or filler injection, etc. In addition, FV Lifestyle has exclusive technology with top products which have international prestigious accreditation (US FDA, CE marking, etc.)

The most outstanding feature of FV Lifestyle Clinic is that effective pain management during and after surgery is applied to not only liposuction but also other aesthetic services (breast augmentation, nose lift, sagging muscles lift, body rejuvenation, etc.). Moreover, FV’s doctors, with their extensive experience, respect the particular beauty of each customer, and seriously obey the safety processes, following JCI international standards. Such an approach ensures FV Lifestyle provides the upmost safety and comfort for all its customers.

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