Stroke screening and prevention with assoc. Dr Mahen Nadarajah

Stroke is one of the most life-threating conditions in the world, where, on average, every 3 minutes someone is killed by the disease. Screening, therefore, is incredibly important to prevent and best treat the condition. From September 17th, 2019 to September 21th, 2019, Assoc. Dr Mahen Nadarajah will work at the Neurosurgery Department at FV Hospital, giving people the opportunity for examination who are at risk of stroke, vascular and spinal diseases.

Cooperating with FV, Dr Mahen will work with neurosurgeons to conduct medical examinations and treatments for patients suffering from:

  • Stroke
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Spinal pain (treatment with less invasive surgery)
  • Carotid artery disease

With a diverse experience of working in many countries, Dr Mahen Nadarajah is well known for providing appropriate treatment for many patients. In particular, Dr Mahen Nadarajah will also perform stroke screening to help prevent this devastating disease.

Graduating from St Andrew University and King’s University, United Kingdom, and now having over 20 years of experience in clinical practice in the UK, Australia and Singapore, Dr Mahen Nadarajah is renowned in the field of diagnosis and surgery to treat neurological and vascular diseases. He is one of the world’s leading experts in the treatment of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.

Dr Mahen is currently a senior consultant at Singapore National University Hospital and a member of the Royal Society of Physicians as well as a number of other clinical and academic councils.

To register for an examination with Dr Mahen Nadarajah, please contact the Neurosurgery Department on: (028) 5411 3333, ext. 1250.