Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ly Lan Phuong

When I detected a swollen lymph node in my breast, friend introduced me to check up in FV Hospital. Hence, the cancer specialist concluded that I had breast cancer near stage 2. At first, I was so shocked and could not accept the cruel reality about that deadly disease. As a woman, I feared that breast lump removal will leave behind undesirable ugly scar and I might not survive after the surgery. Fortunately, the cancer specialist at FV Hospital had found a non-surgery treatment to remove the tumor without removing the entire breast. Thanks for the dedicated care of the doctors, especially Dr. Dien whom gave me honest advice and helped me through the treatment process. Currently, my health is making very positive progress. Our family would like to thank and express sincere gratitude to all the doctors. Wish you will successfully continue to bring happiness to others.