Insurance Officer


Job Description:

Provide best direct-billing services to patients

Key duties and responsibilities:

Direct billing for insured patients

  • Consult and explain to patients about insurance and direct billing procedures
  • Daily check list of patients who have insurance, collect and update insurance information
  • Follow-up and collect medical information to contact insurance for Guarantee of Payment (GOP)
  • Update coverage confirmation on HIS notes, via email, telephone, etc. for related people
  • Check charges for case by case confirmation on direct-billing coverage
  • Follow-up patient charges to ask for extension of GOP if the charges exceeds previous GOP (s)
  • Keep related people be updated on coverage and exclusions

Claim & payment follow-up

  • Collect and check invoices to ensure patient signature, charges, price, company name, etc. are correct before process claims
  • Complete claim forms and supported document
  • Make payment request with all the completed claim set and send to companies including insurance providers and corporations
  • Provide/update additional information required by the companies if any
  • Collaborate with Billing group to collect payment

Strengthen relationship with insurance providers

  • Work with insurance provider with professional, straight forward and respected manner
  • All requests and addressed issues from insurance provider are careful investigated and response as quickly as possible to insurance provider
  • Well understanding insurance policy and insurance products that provide the best explanation to insured patients
  • Claim documents always completed and full of required information as expected

Direct-billing Help Desk and others

  • Response to all enquiries concerning direct-billing services of insurance & corporate
  • Receive and solve all kinds of complaints concerning insurance.
  • Get all claim paperworks completed for pay-and-claim insured patients.
  • Provide supporting document for claim requested by insurance for non direct-billing cases.
  • Assist front-line team in dealing with issues related to insurance and direct-billing services.
  • Do tarmac access and support for evacuation services
  • Advise non-insured patients on insurance companies & products insurance products
  1. Qualification: University graduation
  2. Experience: At least 2 years experienced working in similar position.
  3. Skills and knowledge:
  • Depth knowledge of Insurance Procedure
  • Negotiation and communication
  • Customer Services skills
  • Well–organized, seft-disciplined
  • Ability to work under high pressure
  • Microsoft skills: work, excel
  1. Foreign language(s): Fluent English (knowing French is an advantage)