French female doctor with desire of caring for health condition of Vietnamese women

With bright eyes and friendly smile, the French doctor, Dr. Sophie Sanguin, a leading expert in gynecological endoscopic surgery at FV Hospital, always makes others feel secure and trust from the very first meeting.

It is all because of “destiny”

Talking about her destiny with medical field, Dr. Sophie remembered that when she was a kid watching a meaningful TV program about a female doctor, she wanted to become someone like that. That dream was nurtured by her and almost came true when she passed the entrance exam to the general practitioner. “And then another fate brought me to major in gynecological surgery,” Ms. Sophie shared. At that time, after 4 years of studying, when it was time to choose a major for clinical practice, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to contact and be inspired by skilled doctors in the field of surgical surgery, which was known to be extremely difficult, so she was determined to follow this major. “The more I like to explore, the more challenging I become. I want to discover myself and help female patients to have a better life,” she said.

Dr. Sophie Sanguin – Obstetrics & Gynecology Department – FV Hospital

After graduation, Dr. Sophie spent 10 years of her career in Amiens University Hospital in France. During this time she was not only an endoscopic surgeon treating gynecological diseases such as endometriosis and gynecological cancer but also a passionate instructor. So what brought her to FV at the present time? It is also about destiny. Over several visits to her younger brother who lives and works here, she has a much better impression of Vietnam. And when the opportunity to work at FV knocked on the door, she decided to take it. This prestigious hospital has a mix of French-Vietnamese culture to continue her career.

Dr Sophie is not only an experienced professional, but also strives to be a psychiatrist with every patient. Because most women, especially Asian women, when it comes to gynecological diseases, especially diseases such as endometriosis, uterine, ovary  cancer, vaginal prolapse, etc are often afraid to share and have consultation with doctors. Therefore, she always listens, explains carefully to her patients to understand the disease and believe in modern medicine. “Many patients still do not fully understand and be subjective to endometriosis. Therefore, we have to explain very carefully when to take medicine, when to undergo surgery,” Dr. Sophie said.

Try hard every day for patient

What she is most satisfied with when working at FV is that she can do her major. She hopes that the experiences gained in France, especially the technique of laparoscopic surgery and endometriosis, will be applied effectively to patients in FV.

As a surgeon, Dr. Sophie often has to perform long, complicated surgeries, but when communicating with patients, she is always energetic.

To better understand Vietnamese patients as well as to find out the best treatment options, Dr. Sophie often talks with her colleagues at FV as well as at many other hospitals she knows. Referring to the barriers when working in a new environment, she says the most difficult thing is how to integrate into the new culture because the patients and colleagues here are mostly Vietnamese or from some other countries. Fortunately, she receives a lot of help and support from her colleagues at FV. In particular, there are many French doctors here, so she feels very happy.

As a surgeon, Dr. Sophie often has to perform long, complicated surgeries, but when communicating with patients, she is always energetic. And her little secret for this is that after stressful hours of working, she will try to get everything out of her head, do some sports and hang out with her friends. But the most important motivation is the joy and smile of the patients she has treated. “Better health condition, a smile and a better life after treatment of each patient are such a tonic for me every day, it makes me more confident in the career path I choose,” Dr. Sophie Sanguin shared with joy.

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Source: Phụ Nữ TPHCM