Personal Data Protection Statement

We recognise the importance of the personal data you have entrusted to us and this Personal Data Protection Statement is to notify and assist you in understanding the purpose of collection, use, disclosure, processing and protection of your personal data. This policy applies to FV Hospital and FV Saigon Clinic, which are the entities belonging to the company Far East Medical Vietnam Limited.

We are committed to protecting your personal data, and will manage and process your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Decree 13/2023/ND-CP on Personal Data Protection issued by the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on April 17, 2023.


“Personal Data” refers to any type of information associated with an individual or used to identify a specific person.

  • Basic personal data includes data you provide for registration purposes, e.g. name, demographics, ID card number, nationality, financial information and any other personal information provided by you or your relatives which will be collected when you present yourself for medical examination or treatment.
  • Sensitive personal data includes all medical information, genetic characteristics, sexual orientation and more.

“Processing” refers to any activities affecting Personal Data, such as: collecting, recording, analysing, confirming, storing, editing, publicizing, combining, accessing, retrieving, revoking, encrypting, decoding, copying, sharing, transmitting, supplying, transferring, deleting, and destruction of personal data or other related actions.


By voluntarily providing your personal data in order to obtain medical care, it shall be deemed that you have consented to the collection, use, disclosure and Processing of your Personal Data as defined above, by FV Hospital and FV Clinic for the purposes directly related to the provision of medical care to you, which includes referrals to other healthcare professionals, institutions and other associated purposes.

We may collect your personal data by various means:

  • Through the completion of forms for example registration, admission, consent forms
  • When you are examined by our doctors, undergo a procedure or an investigation, monitored using a medical monitoring device
  • From third parties such as insurance companies, employers, relatives
  • When your images are captured by our CCTV cameras
  • When you attend events like public forums or seminars
  • When you use our services provided through online technologies
  • When you browse our websites including and
  • When you make payment or provide details to facilitate payment

Personal data are also collected from employees and candidates applying for employment or contractual engagement with FV Hospital and Clinic, and from contractors/sub-contractors or other business partners.

We only use, disclose and/or transfer your personal data for the purposes you have been notified of and consented to or which are permitted/required under applicable laws and regulations, specifically:

  • Provision of medical services including sharing your personal data with healthcare professionals and other medical institutions
  • Communicate with your insurance provider or third party payor
  • Bill and receive payments for services provided to you
  • Communicate with you, including providing you with information on any services available at FV Hospital and FV Clinic
  • Manage business operations and comply with internal policies and regulations required by law
  • Make reports on operations or other relevant reports required by law

Transfer of your personal data out of Vietnam

  • If we transfer your personal data to a country outside of Vietnam, we will ensure that the organisation or country provides a standard of protection to the personal data that is suitable in accordance to Vietnam’s laws;
  • We also ensure to implement required formalities in respect of the cross-border transfer of Vietnamese citizens’ Personal Data in accordance with Vietnam’s law.


We take patient confidentiality very seriously. To safeguard your personal data from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification or any similar risks, we have endeavoured to put in place appropriate administrative, physical and technical measures and processes such as up-to-date anti-virus protection, encryption of documents and system, and limiting access to any personal data.

Starting and ending time to process Personal Data: The Processing shall start upon the receipt of your Personal Data and will end when the Processing is completed.

Undesirable consequences and damage that may occur: Some of your rights as data subjects may only be affected in certain force majeure and unpredictable circumstances such as power failures, hardware failures, software problems, security incidents, hacking, natural disasters, storms, floods, and other circumstances that are reasonably considered as force majeure. We ensure to permanently implement measures to reduce or eliminate such risks or damage.


Your personal data will be retained in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s and other governmental authorities’ guidelines on the retention of patient data.

We will retain employee/contractors/business partners’ personal data for a reasonable period in accordance with legal obligations and business purposes.

For any other personal data collected by FV Hospital and FV Clinic, we will periodically review to determine if that data is still required and will only retain it as long as the purpose for which it was collected remains and until it is no longer necessary for any other legal or business purposes.


It is your obligation to ensure that all personal data submitted to us is complete, accurate, true and correct.


You may access your personal data currently in our possession. We will process your request in accordance with the law and will provide you with the relevant personal data within a reasonable time after the request has been made. A fee may be charged for processing an access request.

You may withdraw your consent for the collection, use, Processing and disclosure of your Personal Data in our possession by giving reasonable notice using the regulated form to us. You may request to correct your Personal Data. Kindly note that we are obliged to evaluate your request and that, by law, some requests cannot be accepted:

  • Request for erasure and correction of medical records
  • Request for deletion of data of individuals and/or related transactions, while FV Hospital and Clinices obligated to maintain records of individuals and transactions to comply with legal obligations
  • Request to conceal, or fail to provide, or incompletely provide, or falsely provide Personal Data to competent state agencies or other third party


If you have any questions about our Data Protection Statement or wish to contact us in relation to your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

This Personal Data Protection Statement acts as a Notification of personal data processing, which forms an integral part of your Consent.

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