• Mrs Le Thu
    FV Lifestyle Clinic (Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery)

    I used Fotona 4D service at FV Lifestyle Beauty Clinic and felt very satisfied with the service and treatment results. Consultant team are very friendly, doctor is dedicated and service is quick, no waiting time. I feel the difference after finishing the first treatment.

  • Mr Vincent
    FV Lifestyle Clinic (Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery)

    Staffs are friendly when consulting patients, and doctors are dedicated and give the best advice which makes patients feel assured and confident when deciding on whether to undertake plastic surgery. I feel more confident after having used services at FV Lifestyle Clinic, and there is no pain and swelling so I can even go to work the next day.

  • Ms Ly Huong
    FV Lifestyle Clinic (Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery)

    Instead of going to different spas every week, applying a variety of expensive cosmetics or therapies, I decided to stick with a single beauty clinic which understands my own beauty values: nourishing, so that the body can be naturally recovered, rejuvenated, and maintain a healthy beauty from the inside

  • Mr Graham Arthur Lovell

    Just to say everyone was fantastic I was in good hands and cared for the whole stay. Wonderful place to be and in good care from all the staff. They say a few words mean a lot Great Hospital with Fantastic Staff A Wonderful Experience Lots of Love Graham. Thank you Graham A Lovell.

  • Ms Nguyen Thi Yen

    During the hospitalisation, we had received the good care from all staffs. Many thanks to doctors, nurses, care assistants.

  • Ms Le Thi Ngoc Bich
    Anaesthesiology & ICU, Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Breast Care Clinic

    Huynh Thi Hieu was very dedicated, professional. Dr. Tran Hong Phuc was very good. Midwives were very nice.

  • Mr Henri Weishaus

    During my stay at FV Hospital, I feel peaceful, confort because of the kindness and helpfulness of all doctors, nurses and care assistants. Thank you so much!

  • Mr Nguyen Thanh Hai

    Dear Dr. Phuong, Dr. Trong and Dr. Hung, I would like to write this letter to share my beautiful experience with you at FV Hospital to everyone. How gratefulness I was about your right diagnosis, your patient advice and your properly treatment. Any word could express how luckiness I feel when I met you and I was saved my life by your hand. Thank you!

  • Ms Tran Dieu Linh
    Bone & Joint Centre

    Many gratefulness to Dr. Stephane Guero for his sugery and to Dr. Vu Hoang Lien for her advice and her care after surgery.


    My husband was treated at FV in July. FV hospital is wonderful for a compliment. I’m grateful all for good meal at our room, cleaning staff and everyone is enthusiatic with their job. Today I discharge I feel too happy to sleep. Thank you for thoughtful and excellent care from all of you.

  • Mr Cox Maddison May

    My experience at FV hospital was lovely. The staff were very friendly, caring and attentive. The care in this hospital made me feel like I was at home in Australia! Not only were the staff great but the hospital is very clean and quiet. This hospital is definitely the best choice for any tourist that finds themselves ill or injured. Thank to everyone working on the 4th floor!

  • Mr Pham Duc Gia Khang
    Paediatrics & Neonatology

    Patient had pneumonia and stayed 5 days at FV. He was very scared to see doctors and nurses because he was very shy. However, doctors and nurses care patient with the kindness, warm manner it helps my son recovering better. Nurse is enthusiasm and professional, thank you all.

  • Ms Samuel Lewis Robert Wilson
    Paediatrics & Neonatology

    This is the first time our toddler has been so ill, we’re only recently relocated to Ho Chi Minh city. The quick care, professional manner of staff at FV was very reassuring. All staff were always on hand to answer our many questions, discuss our concerns. Everyone was so warm, gentlement, FV is love! Thank you!

  • Ms Nguyen Pham Thao Ngoc
    Paediatrics & Neonatology

    Through newspaper I heard stories about FV I know Dr. Dai helped a lots of patient. I trust in Dr. Dai so I went to FV for my daughter’s treatment. The doctor gave me first impression as ethical and responsibility doctor. After that my daughter was treated by Dr. Dien, he is thoughtful and dedicated. My daughter recovered very well and we would like to thank you, Dr. Dai, Dr. Dien and doctors at Pediatrics department with respectful and grateful manner.

  • Ms Nguyen Thi Binh
    Otorhinolaryngology (ORL or ENT)

    I have tonsillitis and went to many places for treatment but they cannot find out my disease. I am referred to FV by a friend. Dr. Khuong examined very carefully and he finds out the cause of my disease. I admitted for sugery it was like staying in hotel, very clean and tidy. Thank you all, I hope FV will be always patient’s belief.

    Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Breast Care Clinic

    The after care for patient staying at FV is wonderful. From the midwives to the nurses, cleaning staff and food serving help are always smiling and willing to lend a hand. As an expat, my family could not be here with us. The people at FV treated me and my newborn with great care. We’ve been so happy! Thank you.

  • Ms Tran Thi My Dung
    Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Breast Care Clinic

    This is the first time I become a mother, very surprise and lack of experience, knowledge to take care of my baby. Doctors and nurses are very helpful they guide me how to look after baby through day and night when I need help. I send my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mai Thi Cong Danh and all nurses for bringing happiness to my family. Wish everyone good health.

  • Mr Duong Nguyen Hoang Son
    General & Thoracic Surgery, Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    From this letter I sincere thank you FV medical team for treating and helping me a lot during past time, especially Dr. Dien, nurse Cuc, nurse Y and Dr. Thai. I feel comfortable to have treatment here. Thank you FV for great service and hope the hospital more develop in the future.

  • Ms Ho Thuc Trinh
    Vascular Surgery & Phlebology

    I sincere thank you, Dr. Tran Minh Hoang and nurses at Thoracic & Vascular Surgery department. I had disease for long time, it made me difficult to move. I went to many hospital to treat it but didn’t work out. Dr. Hoang examine right disease and I can walk normally after the treatment. Once more time I thank you FV, all staff and hope FV more develop to bring great services to many patients.

  • Mr Tyler Watson

    My wife and I would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Lien and all of the staff on level 5 for their professional and friendly behavior during our son Tyler stay. His surgical procedure was very thoroughly explained and made us both feel more relaxed and less stressed. We are happy that we decided to come to FV. Thank you all once again, we do appreciate it!

  • Mr Pham Bach
    Paediatrics & Neonatology

    The hospital used the most advanced technique for my son’s treatment. Doctors, nurses are thoughtful and enthusiasm to prevent the pain as much as possible when my son was taken veins, infusion. My son is not afraid of doctor or drinking medicine while staying at FV. Wish FV develope more in future and always provide the best services to community. Thank you so much for very good service.

  • Christine Nguyen

    My mother was in FV from 09-19/07/2017 and she went home in France now. We thank medication of team, second floor and fourth floor for great care, understanding, nice and effective work. Especially, we sincere thank Dr. Tran Nhan Tuan for taking care of patient excellent.

  • Ms Hoang Thi Huong Giang

    Thank you for treatment carefully and doctors at medical ward that took care of me very well. Wish doctors and whole team of FV very good health and happy.

  • Mr Hoang Minh Anh
    Bone & Joint Centre

    We totally trust in the treatment, consultant, well care from doctors and nurses. They are a dedicated team, affection and work hard. Perfect quality! I especially thank you, Dr. Phat for thoughtful, friendly and gentle consultant to patient. The guest relation officer, food & beverage are enthusiastic. Thank you all.

  • Ms Nguyen Phuong Thai Ngan
    Otorhinolaryngology (ORL or ENT)

    I’m impressed by Dr. Khuong through the treatment for my daughter. From there I had good experience from all staff for friendly, enthusiastic services. I realized how different for gold quality. The guest relation officer is nice, friendly and good care. Thank you for excellent services.

  • Mr Vo Van Long
    Gastroenterology & Hepatology

    FV is a good hospital, reputable. My family goes to FV for health care and we trust in enthusiastic, thoughtful and friendly care from every member of team. Especially I thank you, Dr. Huy for dedicated, caring, thoughtful treatment and very psychologically to family and patients peace of mind. Thank you, Dr. Nghia, doctor always monitors, treats, and gives detailed instructions to the patient.

  • Ms Truong Thi Thanh Hang
    General Practice & Family Medicine

    Dr. Philip is gentle and enthusiastic, I feel peace of mind before the surgery. FV is right with standard of quality of healthcare services. Thank you for thoughtful, well care of anaesthesiology doctors and nurses.

  • Mr Le Thien Dam

    Excellent services at international standard. Staffs were good trained. I am very happy when choosing FV Hospital for the health care. Big thank to all medical staff.

  • Mr Jonas Franceschine
    Bone & Joint Centre

    First of all I would like to thank all the staff at the ward for the great service and outstanding duty to me and the dedication. Further after had already several surgeries in the past, that was the best one ever not one momement when I had pain or feeling uncomfortable. Shows and prounds the high standard of the FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh city. Last but not least I also would like to thank Dr. Phat and his team for the well and sucessful executed surgery!

  • Ms Tran Minh Ngoc Anh

    I’m mother of patient, she stayed 3 days for the treatment at FVH. My family get treatment many times at FV and doctors diagnose disease exactly. I sincere thank to all doctors, they are friendly and kind. Thank to caring team who dedicated to take care patient anytime.

  • Mr Le Dang Hong
    General & Thoracic Surgery, Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    I admit FV on 21/05 at A&E. Morning 22/05 I am diagnosed and to have intestinal surgery. I am grateful doctors and all staff. Dr. Dien and Dr. Thai had exactly diagnosed and the treatment was in time. The qualification and morality of doctors help me over the sickness and recover very soon.
    I sincere thank Board of director and all staff for a hospital where patients would be taken care well.

  • Mr Ngo Van Viet
    Anaesthesiology & ICU

    Thank you, Dr. Henri and everyone for giving me my husband back. Uyen has been my strengh during my husband’s stay. Minh is always there to clean the “Poo”. Lanh can do and fix anything and with a smile. The entire nursing staff (those expecting babies) and those who are not, should be commended for their service/care for their patients. To all the techs (green uniforms)… thank you for your gentle care of my husband. You have the not so “glamorous” duties but I wanted you all to know we appreciate every little thing you do for us, and continue to do for us. The physical therapist! Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Mr Le Quang Canh

    My healthy is now stable after one week treatment at FV. I sincere thank you, doctors, nurses and other department for making a chance for me to be examined and surgery in time. Thank you!

  • Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Xuan
    Vascular Surgery & Phlebology

    Whole my family go to FV for examination and treatment. I have had pain for one month and when it was worse my family took me to FV immediately. When I enter A&E of FV hospital I feel peace of mind and the disease is less than before right away because of serving attitude, taking care of patient from doctors and nurses. They are kind and respectful to patient. I admitted at room 404B then transferred to 412. Thank you, Dr. Trung, nurses for all kindness to help me get well soon, I go home today. Thank you so much!

  • Ms Huynh Thi Thu Thao

    My name is Thao. I forgot my bag included money and my document at FV Hospital. Ms. Tram found it and gave it to the security staff to keep for me. That was a good behavior and worthy to receive the commendation.

  • Mr Mihic Vladimir
    General & Thoracic Surgery

    I must tell you how much I admire my doctor Phan Van Thai whom in few days put back on the rail of life and gave me hope for few years more! Staff, services, everyone are such nice, friendly, very professional, make 10/10. Once more, I highly appreciate the treatment and care you have given to me, my dear doctor Phan Van Thai. Thanks to everyone!

  • Mr John Dennis Nicholas
    General & Thoracic Surgery

    I arrived on Sunday 13-04-2014 which appendicitis which had ruptered into peretonitis. I wish to thank all the medical staff that took care of me over the next 8 days + providing excellent medical care of assistance. A special thank you to my doctor. Dr. Tuan. Obviously, a very good surgeon + with a very pleasant + mature, a nice person you could not meet. A thank you to hospital staff that tended to my wife who stayed with me in the room. Also a thank you to Ms. Lanh who was always there in time of need.

  • Mrs Helen Elizabeth Sewell
    General & Thoracic Surgery

    I have worked in 16 hospitals and 38 medical centres throughout the world. FV hospital is the cleanest I have seen and extol its virtues whenever I can, unfortunately as I live in England, you are too far away to attend for your excellent treatment. Thank you again and Dr Thai for saving my wife’s life in January 2010

  • Mr Joanne Gasgonia
    General & Thoracic Surgery

    I highly appreciate the treatment care you have given me. You have been a great doctor ensuring my continued health after the surgery that took my abdominal pain away.
    Living in a foreign country, we always have to refer back to the home country for advise, particularly in emergency cases-my medical case. You have immediately gained my husband’s confidence by explaining thoroughly what is happening to me and what you plan to do to make things right for me again.
    For my health, for my family’s peace of mind, we shall ever be grateful.

  • Mrs Nguyen Thi Tu
    General & Thoracic Surgery

    I am Nguyen Thi Tu. I had a big hepatic hemangiomas and was admited to FV Hospital from 2nd to 10th November 2015. During my hospital stay, I received dedicated care from both doctors and nurses here. They are very friendly and keen on providing me instructions on what I did not know or answering my questions. Dr Nguyen Quoc Thai, who directly in charge of my case and performed surgery for me, was very friendly, dedicated and cared. He visited and consulted me everyday. I am now well recovered. I and my family would like to say thanks you, specially Dr. Thai, a young talent. Thank you all and wish you good health and happiness. Wish FV Hospital more growth and sucesses.

  • Mrs Huynh Thi Lac
    General & Thoracic Surgery

    “The first post-operative day that my husband could eat without choking, I was happy in tears.”

    “The 8 hours my husband was in the operation theatre for esophageal cancer surgery were the 8 hours I seemed sitting on fire. He’s almost 60 years old and got lymph nodes. But finally the surgery was successful and his life was saved, thanks to Dr. Hung and the FV surgical team”

  • Mr Kevin William Weaver

    My stay in FV hospital was a pleasant. All the staff were fantastic and I need for nothing. I feel very clean and well looked after. English speaking staff made my life easier. Thank you very much.

  • Ms Nguyen Dieu Tam
    Dermatology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology

    I am pleased with the treatment of Dr. Kiem, Dr. Thang, Dr. Quoc at Gastro dept. and Dr. Phuong at Dermatology dept. They are thoughtful to take care patient. I have stomachache, I have infusion and medicine but it still pains and nurse Duc, Thuan take care of me to over pain. It makes me feel peace of mind to be treated at hospital. Thank you to all and board of director FV.

  • Mrs To Hong Van
    Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Breast Care Clinic

    Although this was not my first vaginal delivery but I still felt very nervous about my health could affect the baby. Thank Dr. Hieu for being attentive to me, for answering all my questions and for giving me confidence. I will never forget her sympathy as a mother and her encouragement as a doctor in the delivery room. I also thank all the members Obstetrics & Gynecological, nurses, care assistants, … were always caring and gentle throughout my three times pregnancy. You bring greatest happiness for my family. Thanks you so much!

  • Mr Hajo Sauer
    Bone & Joint Centre

    To all the staffs of FV Hospital,

    I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your help during my difficult time. After the accident, I went to FV Hospital when my groin could not move normally. Dr. Phat did a physical exam and checked the status of my injuries. And he decided to replace my hip by using minimally invasive surgery. Post-operative recovery process is very fast without any complications. After three weeks, I was able to return to saddle and able to swim 1000 meters.

    Professional staff, clean environment, the talent specialists are the reasons why I was assured and confident during my treatment in FV Hospital.

    Please allow me to express my sincere appreciation to you.

  • Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Nhi
    Bone & Joint Centre

    I had thought I would be called “the lame” for life. Thanks to the charity fund “the Children” and the doctors at FV hospital, I had the opportunity to be treated and stood up to go back to normal on their feet. Now you do not have to bear the pain of bone at midnight. It was her best care and enthusiasm of everyone in the hospital. Many thanks to Dr. Phat constantly monitor the status of bone growth for 12 months and has performed knee replacement surgery successfully. I was touched to hear the compliment and sincere advice of her doctors and nurses. Thanks to the hospital, the nurses and doctors she Development. And I would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy always.

  • Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ly Lan Phuong
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    When I detected a swollen lymph node in my breast, friend introduced me to check up in FV Hospital. Hence, the cancer specialist concluded that I had breast cancer near stage 2. At first, I was so shocked and could not accept the cruel reality about that deadly disease. As a woman, I feared that breast lump removal will leave behind undesirable ugly scar and I might not survive after the surgery. Fortunately, the cancer specialist at FV Hospital had found a non-surgery treatment to remove the tumor without removing the entire breast. Thanks for the dedicated care of the doctors, especially Dr. Dien whom gave me honest advice and helped me through the treatment process. Currently, my health is making very positive progress. Our family would like to thank and express sincere gratitude to all the doctors. Wish you will successfully continue to bring happiness to others.

  • Ms. Doan Minh Thuy
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    Due to frequent nosebleeds, I had to attend FV Hospital for testing. At the first test, doctor Dai at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre doubted that I had few signs of throat cancer. When doctor gave me that news, I thought a lot and even had intention of giving up. Dr. Dai was so dedicated and truthfully gave me and my family advice. I decided to join the sequential therapy which doctor made for me. Initially, my body ached through day and night and my hair fall down everyday. Still, I persisted to follow the doctor’s plan till the end. Thankfully, after each round of my treatment, the disease showed signs of remission. I am very grateful for the encouragement of your doctors during my treatment. The doctors had given me the confidence to persevere and to learn how to never give up. Once again, thank you so much.

  • Mrs Nguyen Thi Chau
    Gastroenterology & Hepatology

    My family is very confident in choosing FV Hospital for annual health examination. The facilities are clean and services of the hospital are very courteous and attentive as large international hospital in other countries. Once I found out I had hepatitis C, doctor Son helped me to make a sequential therapy and gave me a specific counseling about the progressing of the disease. Thanks to doctor Son, my spirit is not affected. And thankfully that I did not see the worst complications of the disease. I am very pleased with the professionalism of all staffs, doctor Son, and nurses at the hospital.

    My sincere appreciation.

  • Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Van
    General & Thoracic Surgery

    Because drinking water through the toilet mistake made my esophagus was completely destroyed. I find FV hospital as the last hope to save his life. I was a doctor and the doctor Thai Tuan perform the surgery re-shaping the stomach and esophageal function gives me. My family is very worried about the surgery lasted until 20 hours. However, two doctors performed surgery was successful. Now, I was able to eat and taste normal again. Thanks to everyone in the team of doctors, nurses participating in surgery for me, especially doctors and physicians Thai Tuan was very enthusiastic from the examination until the surgery a success.

  • Mr. Nguyen Thuan
    Urology & Andrology

    I have kidney stones for many years but still can not completely cure. Because I disagree solutions from open surgery to other hospitals. My job requires constant moving and standing for hours. If agreed to open surgery, I would have to interrupt a long time and this affects my family very much. However, the pills made me sick birds increasingly uncomfortable. Friends told, I decided to switch to the FV hospital. My initial feeling is very modern hospital and staff are very professional. Everywhere are clean makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and more confident. Dr. direct treatment for the German doctor I have decided not to open surgery but rather by using a laser laparoscopy. Therefore, I can almost awake again in a short time and very fast recovery. I was really pleased with the care and treatment of the medical staff at the hospital elite FV. Now, I entrusted the health of their family doctors here.

  • Pham Quoc Cuong
    Bone & Joint Centre

    My name is Le Thi Nghiep, Pham Quoc Cuong’s mother. My family would like to express my sincere appreciation to FV Hospital and especially Doctor Xuan Anh whom helped him for successfully doing surgery on his detached finger. Since we found out that our child had abnormal fingers, my family did tried to find a way to cure him but we got lots of rejections. It was too hard for them or my family could not afford the cost of treatment. Fortunately, there were benefactors that helped us to pay all the cost for my child’s operation in FV Hospital. During his two times surgery in hospitals, the doctors, nurses, and other hospital staffs were very enthusiastic to help us overcome the difficulties. Now he is able to hold toys and have meal by himself. Our family is so very grateful.

  • Mrs. Trương Thị Lan
    Pain Clinic

    I had sciatica and pain medication for years. Then see increasingly more severe pain, the family advised me to go check. FV hospital, I was a doctor at the center of US Pain Treatment and Development department physician Orthopaedics treatment. Two doctors and dedicated listening carefully study each of my pain. Thanks to two doctors, I know myself knee arthritis and joint pain after spinal, rather sciatica. Play Doctor who performed the surgery for my knee. And thanks to the Chinese doctor, I already know how to reduce your pain without dependence on drugs. Now I was completely healthy. I would like to thank the leadership team of the hospital and doctors were enthusiastic talented treated me well soon.

  • Mrs. Truong Thi Phuong Nga
    Otorhinolaryngology (ORL or ENT)

    Dear all employees in FV Hospital,

    I am writing this to extend my sincere gratitude to staffs, care assistants, nurses and doctors at FV Hospital. Especially, I am very grateful to Dr. Dai whom helped me to do successful surgery. He helped me to cure the disease that had abused me mentally for a long time. Oral tongue cancer in last stage made my tongue edema. I could not eat and could not even say a word clearly. Day by day, my health and mental became worst. During my bewilderment, my family has known about FV Hospital. Dr. Dai directly performed the surgery lasted 10 hours. My tongue was almost cut out all, only left a small part. Then, doctor continued to perform another surgery to make new tongue by using the skin in my lap. At this time, it was the newest and hardest surgery in the world. I am so fortunate to have such a dedicated doctor as Dr. Dai. Nowadays, I have recovered and have nearly sense the taste of spices in my mouth.

    I wish your hospital will continue to grow to give our patients a trustful health care provider.

    Hope the nurses and doctors always have good health and happy family.

    Sincere thanks.