• N. X. V

    My father went to many dermatological examinations and had to stay at different hospitals in the city. Not only did my father feel tired, but so did my relatives. However, through the introduction of a relative, I knew the French dermatology doctor, the doctor who treated my father. I thank the hospital and the doctor so much.

  • N.T.N.H

    I am very satisfied, I have been treated by Dr. Hoang twice, the first time was 5 years ago, I am very grateful to Dr. Hoang because he treated me once and I was cured.

  • N.D.H

    First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Orieux and the nurses who took care of my wound. I highly apperciate Dr. Orieux’s expertise. My incision looked more neat than my 2 previous ones.

  • R.D.W

    Great Hospital, very attentive to my needs. Skin doctors are excellent. Thank you for being of such assistance.

  • Ms Nguyen Dieu Tam
    Dermatology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology

    I am pleased with the treatment of Dr. Kiem, Dr. Thang, Dr. Quoc at Gastro dept. and Dr. Phuong at Dermatology dept. They are thoughtful to take care patient. I have stomachache, I have infusion and medicine but it still pains and nurse Duc, Thuan take care of me to over pain. It makes me feel peace of mind to be treated at hospital. Thank you to all and board of director FV.