Pain Clinic

  • H. D. T
    Pain Clinic

    Dr Binh examined patient enthusiastically and warmly, helping the patient treat an eye condition that the patient had sought treatment at many other places but to no avail.

  • Mrs. Trương Thị Lan
    Pain Clinic

    I had sciatica and pain medication for years. Then see increasingly more severe pain, the family advised me to go check. FV hospital, I was a doctor at the center of US Pain Treatment and Development department physician Orthopaedics treatment. Two doctors and dedicated listening carefully study each of my pain. Thanks to two doctors, I know myself knee arthritis and joint pain after spinal, rather sciatica. Play Doctor who performed the surgery for my knee. And thanks to the Chinese doctor, I already know how to reduce your pain without dependence on drugs. Now I was completely healthy. I would like to thank the leadership team of the hospital and doctors were enthusiastic talented treated me well soon.

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