1. People working in medical facilities and health sector (public and private);
  2. People participating in epidemic prevention and control (Members of Steering Committee for epidemic prevention and control at all levels, people working in isolation areas, being in charge of tracing, conducting the epidemiological investigation, community-based Covid teams, volunteers, reporters…);
  3. Army forces;
  4. Police forces;
  5. Vietnamese employees, diplomats and their relatives sent abroad; people working in Diplomatic missions, Consulates, international organizations operating in Viet Nam4;
  6. Customs, immigration officers;
  7. People providing essential services: aviation, transport, tourism and providing electricity and water services;
  8. Teachers, workers, pupils and students at educational and training establishments; force of young doctors; people working at agencies and administrative units; law-practicing organizations, notaries, auctioneers… who often come into contact with many people.
  9. People suffering chronical diseases; People over 65 years of age;
  10. People living in epidemic areas;
  11. Poor people and social policy beneficiaries;
  12. People who are sent by competent state agencies to work, study or work abroad or wish to go abroad for work, study or work; foreign experts working in Vietnam;
  13. People who are employees, employees’ relatives working at enterprises5 (including enterprises in industrial parks, export processing zones, enterprises carrying out business in transportation, credit, tourism…), establishments providing essential services such as accommodation, catering, banking, health care, pharmacy, medical supplies… retail and wholesale establishments, markets, construction sites, people in the tourism areas and regions;
  14. Religious dignitaries and subdignitaries;
  15. Freelance workers;
  16. Other subjects as per the Decision of the Minister of Health or the Chairman of the People’s Committee of province and city and the proposal of the units giving vaccine donation to the Ministry of Health;
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