Assistant Therapeutic Radiographer, Therapeutic Radiographer


General Job Description
  • Provide radiotherapy to patients as prescribed by a Radiation Oncologist according to established practices and standards
  • Use a variety of equipment to administer the exact dose of radiation required to optimize best treatment outcome
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of all radiotherapy sessions
  • Educate patients/patient’s family about treatment, simulation procedures and potential radiation side effects
  • Comply with radiation safety procedures
  • Observe ALARA (as low as is reasonably achievable) principle of radiation protection.

Notice: Assistant therapeutic radiographer will be instructed to conduct radiotherapy tasks, under supervision of team leader/head of department

  • Graduated University, specializing in Diagnostic Radiographer
  • Radiation safety training certificate (X-ray and radiotherapy contents) from Ministry Of Science and Technology
  • Practice certificate of Diagnostic Imaging
  • English language: verbal and written communication above basic level is required as a minimum
  • Relevant working experience required:
    • Assistant Therapeutic Radiographer: Minimum 2 year experience working as Diagnostic Radiographer (will be trained to become a therapeutic radiographer after 6 – 12 month training period)
    • Therapeutic Radiographer: Minimum 2 year experience working as Therapeutic Radiographer
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