Clinical Pharmacist


Key duties and responsibilities:
  1. Clinical pharmacy
  • Provide and supervise Inpatient Prescription Review / Medication Reconciliation/ Discharge & Outpatient prescription review & patient Counseling
  • Establish and train a team of clinical pharmacists to perform the above tasks
  • Provide continuous education and regular scientific updates.
  • Develop policies and guidelines, therapeutic & medication use recommendations.
  • Organize and follow patient rounds, attend clinical staff meeting when possible
  1. Antibiotic Utilization and Monitoring
  • Collaborate with the Infection Control team, Doctors and Laboratory to develop tools to ensure safe and effective use of antibiotics
  • Develop guidelines and policies to assist medical doctors in the selection and adequate prescription of Antibiotics
  • Monitor antibiotic prescriptions and utilization and prepare monthly statistics to the management.
  1. Drug Information Unit & Vigilance
  • Issue drug updates, alerts, and other drug-related information
  • Pharmacovigilance: receive, analyze and manage adverse drug reactions, near-misses and medication errors reports.
  • Perform Drug Use evaluation projects upon Drug Committee requirement
  1. Continuous education & training
  • Provide pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare providers with drug-related educational activity and/or scientific updates.
  • Affiliate with the local and international School of Pharmacy to precept students and residents
  • Provide training to doctors and nurses about new therapeutic protocols
  1. Orion HIS, Online Pharmacy Modules (eRx, IPD Dispensation module & eChemo)
  • Lead the configuration and implementation of the Inpatient and Outpatient HIS Pharmacy Module & eChemo application
  • Provide training and assistance to doctors on system utilization
  • Revise and update the content of Pharmacy modules on a regular basis
  1. Qualification:
  • University Degree of Pharmacist (Bachelor or Pharm.D degree from Western or International University highly recommended)
  • Additional post-graduate clinical pharmacy degree or significant training highly recommended
  1. Experience:
  • Significant professional experience in international environment (>1 year)
  1. Skills and knowledge:
  • High skills for problem solving, effective communication and influence
  • Responsibility and accountability: maintain a high level of practice in accordance with legal and professional requirement, maintain confidentiality and accurate records.
  • Supervisory skills and ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent customer services skills
  1. Foreign language(s): Excellent English language skills, French recommended.
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