Dr Daniel Bialeoko

Plastic surgery with the “French touch” – respect of natural beauty with Dr Daniel Bialeoko – A Plastic Surgery & Cosmetology Expert from France

Dr Daniel Bialeoko is a plastic surgery specialist with 37 years of experience and who values natural beauty as his guiding philosophy. His career goal has always been to achieve results that are natural and harmonious with the body.

After many years working in France, Dr Bialeoko officially joined FV Hospital in Vietnam in July 2023 as Head of the Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Department (FV Lifestyle Clinic). He offers a wide range of surgical solutions, including rhinoplasty, adjustments to protruding ears, face lifts and eyelid reshaping. He is skilled in breast reductions, including mastopexy, and breast implants, breast augmentation via lipo-modelling, breast implant placement, abdominoplasty, cruroplasty and brachioplasty. Dr Bialeoko has extensive experience in surgeries related to the genitals, including labiaplasty and penoplasty, liposuction, lipostructure, and reconstruction after trauma or cancer recovery. Dr Daniel Bialeoko also performs non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including Botox and Hyaluronic Acid filler injections, collagen induction, thread-lifts, skin rejuvenation, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to treat hair loss.

Known for his dedication and attention to detail, Dr Daniel Bialeoko is an attentive listener and offers meticulous advice in every case, treating patients like friends. After a thorough examination, he offers solutions tailored to each patient’s needs, ensuring optimal aesthetic results that align with the principles of natural beauty. He exercises the art of plastic surgery with “the French touch”, it means with the respect of natural beauty.

Dr Nguyen Kim Phuong

Laser Skin Care and Treatment with Dr Nguyen Kim Phuong – A Dermatologist with Many Years of Experience in Skin Care and Skin Treatment.

Dr Nguyen Kim Phuong is a senior physician at the Dermatology Department at FV Hospital and has many years of experience working in hospitals and clinics in HCM City, such as Kangnam, PnP, BB, and Sian.

Dr Phuong is an expert in applying laser technology in the treatment of skin problems (acne, abscesses, pockmarks, large pores..) as well as skin rejuvenation (skin whitening, skin tightening, skin resurfacing…), removal of tattoos and body hair.

Dr Nguyen Thanh Vinh

Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Nguyen Thanh Vinh

With over 18 years of experience in the field of cosmetic procedures, Dr Nguyen Thanh Vinh has successfully performed many surgeries with excellent outcomes for his patients, all of whom have complete confidence in his skills and approach to care.

Dr Thanh Vinh is experienced in the latest surgical techniques for procedures, including: “6 No” breast implant; Nasal shaping with coronary cartilage; Rhinoplasty by ear graft, septal cartilage or rib cartilage with Go-tex; Upper, lower, and arched eye reshaping; Creation of “double eyelids” via blepharoplasty; Abdominal shaping and body fat removal; Body fat transplantation and body rejuvenation, reshaping, with autologous fat cells (removing fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another); Buttock and calf implants.

Dr Nguyen Thanh Vinh graduated from Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University in 2002, earning a Specialisation Degree I (2011) and Specialisation II (2014) majoring in Surgery at Military Medical Academy, Hanoi.

In addition, Dr Thanh Vinh also participates in regular national and international cosmetic training courses to constantly update his skills and experience. Dr Thanh Vinh offers the most advanced safe cosmetic procedures available today so that his clients can achieve their ideal look and shape and feel completely confident in their body.

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