Dr Philippe Maxant

Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Philippe Maxant - the World’s Leading French beauty expert

Dr Philippe Maxant, a specialist in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery from France, has more than 35 years of working experience within the field of plastic surgery, and was the former Head of Plastic Surgery Department, at Nancy University Hospital (France), a Senior Consultant at 9th People’s Hospital (Shanghai) and at Jean Villar Hospital (France)…

Renowned for his skilful hands and modern aesthetic perspective on aesthetics, Dr Maxant is an expert in revitalising personal beauty through breast augmentation, nose shaping, eyelid plastic surgeries as well as through the application of non-invasive rejuvenating technologies, maintaining the youthful beauty that everyone desires.

Dr Vinh Lam Vien

Non-invasive Plastic Surgery with Dr Gerard Vinh (Vinh Lam Vien)

Dr Vinh Lam Vien is a renowned cosmetics specialist with over 30 years of experience in the US and more than 10 years in Vietnam in the field of aesthetics and beauty care.

His experience, fore-knowledge of trends and understanding of values and viewpoints of Eurasian beauty enables Dr Vinh Lam Vien to specialize in helping women to maintain their youthfulness through anti-aging treatments, cosmetics and plastic surgery. His specialties include Botox and filter injections, and non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

Dr Vinh Lam Vien graduated from University of Medicine in Brussels, Belgium, before studying General Surgery at Central Washington Hospital & Clinics (USA) and undertaking specialist certification in Plastic Surgery at George Washington University (USA). In 2017, Dr Vinh Lam Vien received training in Ultra V-lift technique and Misko Misju tightening threads in Korea.

Dr Nguyen Kim Phuong

Laser Skin Care and Treatment with Dr Nguyen Kim Phuong – A Dermatologist with Many Years of Experience in Skin Care and Skin Treatment.

Dr Nguyen Kim Phuong is a senior physician at the Dermatology Department at FV Hospital and has many years of experience working in hospitals and clinics in HCM City, such as Kangnam, PnP, BB, and Sian.

Dr Phuong is an expert in applying laser technology in the treatment of skin problems (acne, abscesses, pockmarks, large pores..) as well as skin rejuvenation (skin whitening, skin tightening, skin resurfacing…), removal of tattoos and body hair.