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For the first time in Vietnam, you can benefit from comprehensive health and beauty care from international specialists within one of the most contemporary medical settings.

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With years of experience, our dedicated specialists cater to the unique needs of every individual, giving you your own desired flawless beauty

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The advanced laser technology at FV Lifestyle also helps solve other skin problems effectively, quickly and safely

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I used Fotona 4D service at FV Lifestyle Beauty Clinic and felt very satisfied with the service and treatment results. Consultant team are very friendly, doctor is dedicated and service is quick, no waiting time. I feel the difference after finishing the first treatment.

Mrs Le Thu

Staffs are friendly when consulting patients, and doctors are dedicated and give the best advice which makes patients feel assured and confident when deciding on whether to undertake plastic surgery. I feel more confident after having used services at FV Lifestyle Clinic, and there is no pain and swelling so I can even go to work the next day.

Mr Vincent

Instead of going to different spas every week, applying a variety of expensive cosmetics or therapies, I decided to stick with a single beauty clinic which understands my own beauty values: nourishing, so that the body can be naturally recovered, rejuvenated, and maintain a healthy beauty from the inside

Ms Ly Huong

Conditions & Treatments

Providing knowledge about procedure performed at FV Lifestyle Clinic

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