Instead of going to different spas every week, applying a variety of expensive cosmetics or therapies, I decided to stick with a single beauty clinic which understands my own beauty values: nourishing, so that the body can be naturally recovered, rejuvenated, and maintain a healthy beauty from the inside

Ly Huong

Ly Huong, actress, experiences skincare treatment at FV Lifestyle clinic.

Ly Huong, actress, comments about rejuvenation skin service treatment using Fotona 4D, performed by dermatologist Nguyen Kim Phuong


Firstly, the doctor is skilled and the team is good. The medical staff were very professional, when I was taken blood, I did not feel pain even though my veins were difficult to find.The nurses are enthusiastic and quick.I am very grateful to the hospital. Trusting surgery at FV is the right decision.Thank you to the entire team of Cosmetology Department.

L. T. H

The first time I was hospitalized and operated at FV hospital, I felt great and was not afraid at all because of the professionalism of the doctor and the belief that I would be beautiful after Dr. Vinh had done my chest surgery.

N. T. V. A

I used Fotona 4D service at FV Lifestyle Beauty Clinic and felt very satisfied with the service and treatment results. Consultant team are very friendly, doctor is dedicated and service is quick, no waiting time. I feel the difference after finishing the first treatment.

Mrs Le Thu