LIPOSUCTION Introduction

After only a week, you will have your perfect body without the need of a strict diet or training. This result can quickly be acquired when you visit FV Lifestyle.

The Service’s Special Features:

  • Advanced endoscopic liposuction technology, maximum scar reduction, and rapid recovery.
  • In addition, FV Lifestyle’s exclusive multimodal pain relief method helps reduce pain to a minimum. Applying JCI standard in all procedures to achieve safety for patients


  • The incisions are very small (3 to 4 mm), not continuous, and are hidden under natural folds. With many years of experience, FV Lifestyle doctors also help the skin tighten and tone the underlying tissues, shaping the muscles more prominently. Fat cells in deep fat layers and surfaces will be sucked out through smooth catheters that are threaded through layers of subcutaneous tissue which are monitored to avoid touching nerves and blood vessels. The amount of fat removed is often consistent with the amount of skin covered to ensure effective liposuction.
  • In the near future, FV Lifestyle will use the latest generation of the Vaser Machine, completely different from the current Body Z Technology to bring more outstanding performance.

Excessive skin and fat in the belly often make people less confident. The abdominal liposuction techniques leave very small scars, which result in very high efficiency in cosmetic surgery. There are two types of abdominal cosmetic surgery; abdominal liposuction and tummy tuck.


Depending on the patient’s condition after examination, an appropriate technique will be prescribed. Factors considered by the surgeon when making the final decision include; skin quality, amount of adipose tissues, abdominal muscle tone and overall morphology of the patient. Each patient will receive the most suitable technique.


Abdominal aesthetic surgery significantly improves cosmetic, functional and psychological aspects. Patients will feel more comfortable, improve their life quality and confidence, thereby better controlling their weight.


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