The perfect hips can bring you a sensual body will desirable curves. The firmness, roundness and neatness of the hips radiate a sense of modern beauty. It’s time for you to say goodbye to worn out hips with the help of a senior doctor at FV Lifestyle!

Non-surgical buttock lift performed by Doctor Vinh Lam Vien. With the experience and sensitivity in pioneering the trend and understanding the Eastern-Western aesthetic values, Doctor Vinh Lam Vien is perfected in the artistry of creating the “perfect” buttock lift, but also meets the strictest medical requirements of safety.

The Service’s Special Features:

  • The type of filler to administer a butt lift is chosen among 200 different types by Doctor Lam Vinh Vien to achieve the perfect result.
  • With years of experience, Doctor Vien understands the golden ratio for a perfect buttock lift based on individual BMI, and not the common measures of 90 – 60 – 90 as people usually think.