Penoplasty for man

Penis enlargement surgery: Dr Vinh Lam Vien was the first person in Vietnam to perform this technique with 30 years of working experience in the US. Doctors use the best filler with a safe competent needle method, which is both painless and non-surgical.

Basic procedure (period of operation: 60 minutes):

  • Examine and identify the current status of the penis. Consult customers on appropriate and effective treatment directions.
  • Clean and mark the position to be injected.
  • Conduct capacity calculation and filler injection.
  • Adjust and complete the operation.

Specificities at FV Lifestyle:

  • Doctors at FV Lifestyle directly perform the whole procedure.
  • After the surgery, customers will be consulted carefully about their care, appropriate diet as well as the time until they can have sexual intercourse (about 5 weeks after the surgery).
  • Pain during operation is minimized with exclusive multimodal analgesia techniques at FV.
  • Reduce the rate of early ejaculation, helping men regain their confidence.