Vagina rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation helps women regain their confidence with a quick, painless and effective procedure.

Basic procedure (period of operation: 40 minutes):

  • Examine and identify the current state of the vagina.
  • Identify the redundant skin and minimise it.
  • Continue to minimize the vaginal canal.
  • Close the incision site with aesthetic stitch and complete the operation.

Specificities at FV Lifestyle:

  • Doctors at FV Lifestyle directly perform the whole procedure.
  • After the surgery, customers will be consulted carefully about the care, appropriate diet as well as the time until they can have sexual intercourse (7-8 weeks after the surgery).
  • There will be no negative effects on the reproductive ability and sexual performance.
  • Pain during operation is minimized with exclusive multimodal analgesia techniques at FV.