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Scar Revision

Treatment for pitting scars, keloids, and deep, indented scars with laser treatment is the most effective method to help treat stubborn scars.

Who should receive scar treatment:

  • People with pitting scars, keloids, or long-term scars caused by acne, chickenpox, etc.
  • People with scars due to injuries, or accidents
  • People with large pores, or rough skin

Advantages of laser treatment of scars at FV Lifestyle:

  • The treatment process is comfortable without post-treatment complications
  • Regenerating collagen, natural elastin to help fill dents on the skin, thus helping improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  • Tightening pores, improving the condition of dark, rough skin.
  • Quick and effective recovery.

Timesaving from resting, the clients can leave normally right after the treatment.