Skin Rejuvenation

Muscle lift Fotona 4D:

Non-invasive method, causing no pain and skin damage. These are achievements that FV Lifestyle’s Fotona 4D technology gains. Discover 4 steps of muscle lift to completely improve your skin.

➡️ Step 1: SmoothLiftin mode is projected from inside the oral cavity to stimulate collagen production in the dermis, where old technology is often ignored, effectively treating the folds around the nose and wrinkles around the mouth.

➡️ Step 2: Shallow pigmented lesions will be lasered in FRAC3 mode, the skin surface will be brighter and become even more visible.

➡️ Step 3: The longer and deeper waves of the PIANO mode will interfere the mesoderm. With controlled heat shock effects, the collagen system will be produced for the skin to be lifted and toned naturally.

➡️ Step 4: SupErficial mode with cold rays will stimulate the ability of self-regenerating skin cells of the epidermis, filling the surface to help skin to be smooth and youthful.

Non-excessive skin lift:

Every customer wants to have youthful skin immediately but doctors typically will not choose to split the skin, and instead pull the skin too tight to create a temporary youthful result which is not natural and healthy.

Say no to stiffness:

A beautiful face can express emotions, so doctors at FV Lifestyle will retain the slight wrinkles on the corners of the mouth to create a natural smile and face.

No general formula:

Skin lift with threads or filler, Botox, and botulinum injection will depend on the skin condition of each person so our doctor will always examine and consult each customer carefully before performing treatments.