Acne Treatment

General procedure:

a/ Doctor examines and advises you on your current skin condition, determining the current level of acne on the skin.

b/ Conduct laser treatment with modern, international standard machines (Fotona 4D).

c/ Advice on skin care + appropriate cosmetics after treatment (minimal medication required, only topical creams).

FV Lifestyle’s Special Features:

  • Laser shot course for customers who do not want to take medicine or is contraindicated in taking medicine.
  • As most acne medication is antibiotic, in some cases it is very easy for skin to get sunburned, leading to melasma. On the other hand, some people who have a weak digestive system or suffer from liver disease are restricted from antibiotics. è Laser Acne Treatment at FV is the most ideal choice.
  • Some parents are very concerned about what treatment their children are required to take -> Laser Acne Treatment at FV is the best choice.
  • Minimize the possibility of pain during treatment with exclusive multimodal pain relief at FV.