Pock Scars

General procedure:

a/ Doctors examine and advise your current skin condition, determine the condition of pock scars to prescribe appropriate treatment.

b/ Conduct laser shooting with modern, international standard machines (Fotona 4D).

c/ Advice on skin care + appropriate cosmetics after treatment (medication requirements are minimal, only topical creams).

FV Lifestyle’s Special Features:

  • Individualizing the treatment based on a patient’s condition, no common treatment for all. Treatments are given out based on; gender, skin type (oily, dry), and whether pock scars formed under or above 6 months.
  • Under 6 months: 1 – 2 laser exposure times, 1-month after care skin treatment (avoid sunlight, doctor’s recommended diets), medicine and topical creams for skin to revive.
  • Above 6 month or aging skin: based on your skin condition, doctors will give you advice. In addition, you will receive a better understanding of your skin, and then choose whether to receive treatment.
  • Painless procedure, treated in the modern and luxurious space.