Skin Hyperpigmentation

General procedure:

a/ Doctors examine and advise your current skin condition, determine the skin pigmentation to prescribe appropriate treatment.

b/ Conduct laser shooting with modern, international standard machines (Fotona StarWalker).

c/ Advise on skin care + appropriate cosmetics after treatment (minimal medication required).

FV Lifestyle’s Special Features:

  • Pigmentation disorders are divided into different types with numerous names such as Melasma, birthmarks, freckles, hawks, hyperpigmentation after inflammation and dark circles. Therefore, when coming to FV, you will be examined and correctly diagnosed with the type of skin pigmentation, from which the medical team will then offer appropriate and effective treatment.
  • Melasma is more common in women, usually due to endocrine disorders, UV ray exposure, and improper use of cosmetics. They often appear as brown patches on cheeks, forehead, chin, upper lip, and nose,  and may be in every layer of the skin (epidermis, mesoderm or dermis).
  • Laser therapy at FV is a breakthrough in the treatment of skin pigmentation. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment for long-pulsed laser beams, pigmentation treatment has shown a clearer clinical outcome in skin hyperpigmentation treatment, especially the types of hyperpigmentation to which other treatments show no effective results.
  • Minimize the possibility of pain during treatment with exclusive multimodal pain relief at FV.