Stretching Skin

General procedure:

a/ Doctors examine and advise your current skin condition, determine the degree of stretched skin to prescribe appropriate treatment.

b/ Conduct laser shooting with modern, international standard machines (Fotona StarWalker).

c/ Advise on skin care + appropriate cosmetics after treatment (minimal medication required).


  • When there is nutrient shortage or excessive skin expansion, collagen and elastin are deficient, the skin loses tension, softens and produces stretch marks. This condition usually occurs in thin skin areas such as chest, armpits, buttocks, and thighs. At first, the stretch marks are pink, and turn red, purple, brown or white. The stretch marks may fade depending on people’s body condition, but cannot be completely erased as connective tissues are broken. In addition to topical medications that blur the stretching marks, there are two methods to remove them: surgery, and laser therapy.
  • Laser rays impact with a strong wavelength, flexible frequency, actively treating lesions in the epidermis, connecting collagen and stimulating elastane production to help smoothen skin while erasing stretch marks. This technology also slows down skin aging very effectively. Duration of treatment varies depending on each case. However, not all stretch marks are treated with lasers. This treatment is only effective for lighter cases of the condition when the marks are red or pink. If the mark has turned translucent white or the condition is severe, the effectiveness of treatment is only 40-70%.

FV Lifestyle’s Special Features:

  • Accurately examining and diagnosing the condition of skin stretch marks by a team of doctors with high expertise who give appropriate and effective treatment plans.
  • Using modern technology and machines with clear origin and extremely high safety level.
  • After treatment, you will be advised on how to take care of your skin to make sure your skin becomes restored in the healthiest way.
  • Painless procedure and treated in comfort ,modern and luxurious space.


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