Vascular Lesions

General procedure:

a/ Doctors examine and advise on your current skin condition, determine the degree of and classify Vascular Dilatation to prescribe appropriate treatment.

b/ Conduct laser shooting with modern, international standard machines (Fotona 4D).

c/ Advise on skin care + appropriate cosmetics after treatment (minimal medication required).

FV Lifestyle’s Special Features:

  • Accurately examining and diagnosing the condition of Vascular Dilatation by a team of doctors with high expertise who give appropriate and effective treatment plans. While other clinics may use rays that are not suitable to your skin type, leading to skin damage.
  • Using modern technology and machines with clear origin and extremely high safety level.
  • After treatment, you will be advised on how to take care of your skin to make sure the your skin is restored in the healthiest way.
  • Minimize the possibility of pain during treatment with exclusive multimodal pain relief at FV.