Dr Daniel Bialeoko, a plastic surgery specialist with 37 years of experience at healthcare centres in France, has been appointed Head of the Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Department (FV Lifestyle Clinic) at FV Hospital. Dr Bialeoko is passionate about enhancing beauty and embraces natural beauty as his philosophy and professional principle.

Dr Bialeoko became a plastic surgery specialist after experiencing a traffic accident

As a young man, Daniel Bialeoko’s dream was to become a general surgeon as this field combines medical science with the art of craftsmanship. He has loved this specialisation since childhood.

Dr Daniel Bialeoko, Head of the Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Department (FV Lifestyle Clinic)

In the 1970s, Dr Bialeoko stumbled into the field of aesthetic plastic surgery by chance. While he was studying at university, he had a traffic accident that caused a facial injury which required stitches on the left side of his lip. However, the scar resulting from the stitches was not aesthetically pleasing, prompting him to seek treatment from a plastic surgeon. “That incident awakened a long-hidden desire in me to step into the field of aesthetic plastic surgery,” recalls Dr Bialeoko.

The more he became involved in aesthetic plastic surgery, a harmonious blend of science, art, and craftsmanship, the more passionate he became. “As an aesthetic plastic surgeon, I perform surgeries for different parts of the body and ensure that they look natural and appropriate for each individual. It’s a challenging specialty, but it’s been fascinating to me for the 30 years I’ve worked in this profession,” shares Dr Bialeoko.

When Dr Bialeoko sees the results of his work—patients who are radiant and excited about their appearance—he is extremely happy. Often, clients express their happiness not just with smiles but tears of overwhelming joy. “Those moments leave me with very intense emotions,” shares the Dr Bialeoko, Head of the Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Department, FV Lifestyle Clinic.

A doctor who enhances beauty for multiple generations of families

Dr Bialeoko has many special memories from treating thousands of clients over the course of his 37-year career in aesthetics. He has performed breast augmentations for three generations in one family: a grandmother, her daughter, and granddaughter. In another case, both members of a couple desired a facelift to rejuvenate their appearance in their fifties. Many years later, the husband passed away, and his wife, 85 years old, still maintained a youthful spirit and always wanted to look beautiful. Due to her advanced age, she was unable to visit the hospital for cosmetic procedures, so Dr Bialeoko went to her home to administer Botox injections. His client’s deep sense of satisfaction and trust ensure they remained connected.

Dr Daniel Bialeoko examines a patient at FV Hospital

Dr Bialeoko is beloved and trusted by clients, not only because he is a prominent figure in the field of cosmetic surgery in France, but also because of his dedicated, meticulous advice that helps clients make the most informed decisions to change their appearance for a lifetime. He listens carefully and strives to understand their desires, both those expressed in words and not stated in the deepest corners of their hearts.

Doctors experience many cases when requests made by clients are not feasible and may pose potential health risks. Based on examination results, Dr Bialeoko proposes suitable solutions that meet the needs of these clients while achieving optimal aesthetic results, adhering to safety and natural beauty criteria. Sometimes, he may suggest the option of doing nothing at all as the best conclusion.

In some cases, doctors will have to say “no” to clients—when requests go beyond permissible limits in surgery, negatively impacting a client’s health or resulting in excessive aesthetic changes. “I understand the extent of my capabilities. I must stop where I can’t proceed. My principle is to do what’s best for the client and seek outcomes that are in harmony with the patient’s natural beauty,” explains Dr Daniel Bialeoko.

Minimal invasive cosmetic procedures: The emerging aesthetic trend.

The field of beauty is rapidly changing. Principles and solutions that were true in the past may no longer be relevant now or in the future. Despite being a renowned expert in the field of cosmetic surgery in France, Dr Bialeoko continues to learn about new products and procedural approaches every day, pursuing his passion for “sculpting” body parts to fit harmoniously with each individual’s overall appearance. Dr Bialeoko is highly regarded by colleagues for his talent in breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, abdominoplasty, and liposculpture.

Dr Bialeoko enthusiastically shares his interest in minimally invasive cosmetic methods when discussing current beauty trends. He believes these methods are gradually replacing traditional surgical techniques that were popular in the past. “Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are very appealing to me. These methods are advancing rapidly and provide results comparable to surgery, without pain and high costs. I always try to minimise surgery as much as possible and opt for moderate interventions, combining internal medicine to achieve the best possible outcomes,” explains Dr Bialeoko.

 Dr Bialeoko is enthusiastic about minimally invasive cosmetic surgery methods

In the past five years, Dr Bialeoko has developed a strong fascination for the Southeast Asian region. After travelling in the region and working at several hospitals in Vietnam, he decided to become the Head of the Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Department (FV Lifestyle Clinic) at FV Hospital, establishing a long-term connection with this country.

Dr Bialeoko shares that FV Hospital has a similar medical environment to hospitals in France and an operating room that meets international JCI healthcare standards. FV has a team of experienced doctors who share the same philosophy of practicing safe, natural aesthetic procedures. He hopes that he and his colleagues at FV can bring happiness to many Vietnamese clients through their aesthetic transformations.

FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital, with a luxurious, private, and comfortable environment.

To book an appointment with Dr Daniel Bialeoko, Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Department (FV Lifestyle Clinic), please contact: (028) 54113480 or 0903 013 500. Learn more about promotions at FV Lifestyle Clinic here: https://www.fvhospital.com/fv-lifestyle/.

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