Fall Prevention Information for inpatients

To avoid falling and hurting yourself, please follow these instructions:

  • Wear shoes or non-skid slippers every time you get out of bed
  • Call your nurse if you feel dizzy, weak or lightheaded. Do not get up by yourself
  • Ask for help to go to the bathroom
  • Use the handrails in the bathroom, ensure the lights are on
  • Use only unmoving objects to help steady yourself. Don’t use your IV pole, tray table, wheelchair or other objects that can move
  • If you wear glasses or hearing aids, use them
  • Keep important items within reach. This includes your call bell
  • Please keep your bed side rails up at all times, whenever possible

For the patient’s carer (family member):

  • Please ensure the patient follows the instructions above
  • If the patient has been identified with a fall risk (given a yellow identification band), please call the nurse every time the patient wishes to get out of bed (sit on a chair, go to the toilet/bathroom) – DO NOT attempt to assist the patient alone
  • If your child is the patient, please observe the following:
  • Do not leave your child alone
  • Put the side rails up anytime you leave the bedside
  • Please do not allow your child to run in the ward

Thank you for your co-operation to ensure you do not fall and sustain an injury, as this will delay or affect your recovery time.