A smoke-free FV Hospital

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and reduces the health of smokers and the people around them who breathe second hand smoke. In response to Vietnam’s National No-Smoking Week from May 25 to May 31, 2018, and World No-Tobacco Day, May 31, 2018, FV Hospital is communicating the message: “Stop smoking for better health” to promote a more positive environment for patients and staff.
STOP SMOKING to protect your own health. STOP SMOKING to show respect for other people’s right to breathe clean air.

Stopping smoking for one hour can stabilise your heart rate and blood circulation.
Stopping smoking for one day can remove carbon monoxide and increase oxygen concentration in your blood, and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
Stopping smoking for one month can make you more active and improve your lung function, eyesight and sense of smell and taste.
Stopping smoking for one year can halve your risk of heart disease and your blood vessels will become healthier.
Stopping smoking permanently will enable your body to recover naturally so that you regain your health.
FV’s hopes its commitment to “Stop Smoking for Better Health” will inspire individuals to enhance their sense of responsibility for themselves and the community, and join hands in a widespread effort to reduce the negative impact of smoking on people’s health and the environment.
This is also one of the commitments made by FV hospital when becoming certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) – the world’s leading healthcare accreditation organisation and which applies rigorous international standards in quality and patient safety.

Accordingly, please comply with FV Hospital’s No-Smoking Policy:
The “4-Metre” rule

  • Smoking is banned within four metres of a pedestrian entrance or exit from a FV building.

No Smoking

  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas within FV Hospital and FV Saigon Clinic, except in designated smoking areas located outside buildings.

Designated smoking areas:

  • Terrace garden on the third floor, F Building
  • Outside the Accident & Emergency Department
  • Outside the Indochine Lobby
  • Entrance of the car park, at the corner under the cantilever of F Building.

Hygiene procedure at smoking areas:

  • Cigarette butts must be completely extinguished and placed in ash trays and not on the floor or other surfaces
  • Ash trays must be emptied regularly

For everybody’s health and for a smoke-free environment, stop smoking today!

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