A warm welcome to Dr. Le Trong Phat, PHD, Head of FV hospital’s orthopaedics department.

FVH is proud to welcome Dr. Le Trong Phat, PhD, an overseas Vietnamese from Germany, as our new Head of Orthopaedics. With over 11 years of comprehensive research and experience in sports medicine, Dr. Le Trong Phat is a true specialist in reconstructive surgeries, including endoscopic treatments for shoulders and knees, as well as ligament revisions, cartilage implantations and shoulder, knee and hip joint replacements.

Dr. Le Trong Phat obtained his PhD in medicine from Rheinische Friedrich Wihelms University, Bonn, Germany, in 1989 and was previously the Vice Head of Franziskus Hospital’s Orthopaedics in Linz, Germany. Dr. Phat has 22 years of surgical experience, particularly in general surgery and orthopaedic surgery. In his new position, Dr. Phat will spearhead the long-term development of FVH’s Orthopaedics Department and has plans to continuously import the most advanced technology and treatment methods.

“After years living and working abroad, I wanted to return to Vietnam to offer medical consultations and treatments to patients here, as well as to immerse myself in Vietnamese culture. It’s great to be working at one of the most advanced hospitals in HCMC: FVH provides international quality services, modern equipment and facilities, and a well-trained staff. It’s definitely the best place for me to combine my professional experience with world-class medical and surgical procedures and the latest technology to give patients the best possible care,” Dr. Le Trong Phat told FV Healthy Living.


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