ACC – Embracing a New Chapter in 2024

Pioneering in treating musculoskeletal conditions in Vietnam, ACC believes that correct treatment means “DO IT RIGHT” goes beyond simply relieving physical pain. It also helps patients overcome anxiety and “Heal” their inner emotions. This leads to a greater sense of peace, strength, and well-being, empowering them to confidently return to their daily lives.

2024 marks the 18th year milestone of ACC’s dedication to helping patients overcome pain. Looking back on the journey, we are proud of our achievements:

  • Hundreds of thousands of track records, helping patients overcome their acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain without medication or surgery.
  • A team of leading & qualified Chiropractors, 100% foreigners, with high expertise and extensive experience.
  • A modern and advanced equipment system, accelerating the recovery process for patients.
  • A professional and international standard medical environment with a team of skilled and dedicated doctors and therapists who closely monitor each patient’s treatment plan.

Marking the 18-year journey of bringing Chiropractic to Vietnam, and continuing to affirm our pioneering position in the field of Chiropractic, ACC – a member of FV Group, continues its mission with the motto:


To celebrate the new year’s “transformation” and International women’s month, ACC is delighted to offer a special DISCOUNT to our customers:

  • 400,000VND DISCOUNT for FEMALE customers on their FIRST visit to any ACC clinic.
  • Time: From March 1st to 31st, 2024
  • Apply for prebooked patients only.

Let ACC continue to accompany you and your family on your journey to protect your musculoskeletal health and create truly memorable milestones. Contact us now to register for the promotion today!

ACC Chiropractic Clinic – A member of FV Group

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