Breast-Conserving Approach for Cancer Patients

Breast-conserving surgery is a specialized approach to treat breast cancer which, in combination with radiation therapy, removes tumours and parts of the surrounding breast tissue in a way that helps the patient retain their breast.

Beating breast cancer without undergoing mastectomy treatment

As soon as she woke up after her surgery, the first question Ms Thanh Huong, a 55-year-old patient from Dong Nai, asked her family was, “Are they still there? Or have I lost them?”. When she learnt that her breasts were still preserved, she could not hold back her emotion.

“Now remembering the question at that time, I cannot help laughing. But for women, no matter how old they are or in what condition they are in, everyone wants to be beautiful,” Ms Huong shared.

Having treated thousands of breast cancer cases for nearly 20 years, Dr Vo Kim Dien is currently a doctor at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre at FV Hospital, speaking on mastectomy breast cancer treatment, he revealed that in such cases patients will have to live with the removal of one of their breasts, and in some cases the removal of both. For all women in such difficult circumstances, confidence and happiness are hugely affected.

Dr Dien shared that there are stages of breast cancer where mastectomy is the preferred solution, but it’s not the only method to treat the condition. The second most common method is through breast-conserving surgery, combined with radiation therapy. In such cases, the doctor removes only the tumour and a portion of the mammary gland surrounding the tumour. Then additional radiation therapy is applied to remove the cancer cells. With this method, the patient still retains their mammary gland at almost the same size.

Dr Vo Kim Dien, Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre advising a patient.

“Currently, breast cancer is a disease with a successful treatment rate of more than 80%. If detected and treated in an early stage, it is almost not necessary to have mastectomy treatment. Breast self-checking and regular breast cancer screening are very important for women, especially women over 40 years old.” Dr Dien explained.

Together with patients in the fight against cancer

When patients learn that they have breast cancer, the question that comes to their mind is whether or not their mammary gland will have to be removed. With this concern in mind, the team of doctors at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital always pursues the principle of conservative treatment, which seeks to both cure the breast cancer and try and keep the patient’s breasts intact. Being able to return to a healthy and fulfilled life after treatment is the greatest goal.

Dr Dien added that the centre has established and followed the international standard treatment process for the past 15 years. Specifically, all cancer cases, including breast cancer, are discussed at weekly multidisciplinary meetings with the participation of oncologists, surgeons, internal medicine doctors, radiologists, among others, in order to provide the optimal treatment regimen for each patient. The centre always looks to ensure maximum efficiency and conservation, with as few side effects as possible.

Doctors deciding suitable treatment regimens for each patient at a multidisciplinary meeting.

Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre is one of the first places in Vietnam which applies the Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) technique; in combination with the CT scan technique, which simulates inspection during radiotherapy (Cone beam CT); and Active Breathing Coordinate (ABC), which helps determine the position, shape and any movement of the tumour. This thereby contributes to increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of the treatment. Rotating arc volume modulation helps shorten the time of radiation therapy, and can guarantee efficiency and limit any side effects for patients.

Advanced VMAT radiotherapy technology shortens the radiation treatment time, contributes to the preservation of healthy tissues, and reduces side effects.

In addition to an advanced and synchronous system of equipment, the unit also has a team of international and Vietnamese doctors and experts with a lot of experience in cancer treatment. The Head of Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre is Dr Basma M’Barek who has 20 years of experience in the field of radiotherapy at major French hospitals, such as Gustave Roussy Cancer Hospital, Saint Louis University Hospital, and Le Raincy Montfermel Hospital. Dr Basma is also a member of the European Radiation Therapy Society (ESTRO).

For each case, doctors will spend time consulting each patient and family thoroughly, helping them understand the condition, the treatment process, and help give them hope to fight the cancer.

Having undergone 30 times of radiation therapy, Ms Thanh Huong shared that she used to be worried, discouraged, and wanted to give up. However, the doctors and radiotherapy technicians at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre were always considerate and enthusiastic. Now remembering those days, she felt fortunate because she felt she had two families, one at home and one at the hospital.

At the Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, cancer treatment is not only designed to treat the tumour, but also to help support and encourage patients, ensure they are comprehensively cared for throughout the treatment, and make sure they have a good quality of life following their care.

Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre of FV Hospital provides the most currently advanced diagnosis and treatment services.

Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre brings together experienced French and Vietnamese doctors and experts, who their time listening, consulting and answering patient questions about the disease.

Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre has state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and treatment technologies, including CT stimulation that accurately identifies and simulates the location and size of the tumour that is then treated with the most modern radiotherapy machine – Elekta Infinity that provides accurate treatment on the tumour with optimal dosage and fast speed that is harmless for the surrounding healthy tissue.

At Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, each case is treated with multidisciplinary meeting to offer a truly personalised treatment regimen suitable to each patient’s condition, thereby helping patients achieve highest treatment efficiency with the least side effects. In addition, patients are also provided consultation on nutrition, psychology and pain management to help them stabilise their physical situation and stay optimistic throughout the treatment process.

Comprehensive professional cooperation with India’s largest HCG specialised cancer treatment system, including more than 20 cancer treatment centres in India and Africa, helps elevate FV’s Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre to a new level, becoming the leading Modern Cancer Care Centre in Vietnam and the region.

To make an appointment for cancer consultation and treatment at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre – FV Hospital, please contact:

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Please note the patient’s name has been changed for this article.