Congenital hand abnormality surgery in children conference to be held at FVH


This November, the Congenital Hand Anomalies Study Group (CHASG), which is composed of the world’s leading hand surgeons, will hold its yearly convention in Vietnam and has decided to select FV Hospital to host this event. Leading hand surgery specialists from the US, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and other countries around the world will attend.

On this occasion, FV Hospital will cooperate with CHASG to expand this convention to a medical conference entitled Congenital hand abnormality surgery in children and invite hand surgeons and paediatric surgeons from local hospitals to participate.

The conference is scheduled over two days, 21st and 22nd November 2011, at FV Hospital, No 6, Nguyen Luong Bang Street, District 7, HCMC. We have the honour of welcoming two special guests to this conference: Dr. Nguyen Van Thach (Phd.), the Chairman of Vietnam’s Orthopaedic Trauma Association; and Dr. Nguyen Van Thai, the Chairman of Hand Surgery Association of Ho Chi Minh City.

During this two-day conference, 12 leading hand surgeons from CHASG will not only present and report on topics related to congenital hand abnormalities, such as finger pollicisation, thumb duplication surgery and amyoplasia hands; but also share their experiences and knowledge of new treatment methods.

On the second day of the conference, three surgeries on hand abnormalities will be performed by surgeons from CHASG and broadcast live. All these surgeries are totally free and all costs relevant to these surgeries are covered by the Children of Vietnam Charity Fund, which was jointly established by FV Hospital.

This is a valuable opportunity for local doctors to share their experiences and further their medical knowledge and skills on congenital hand abnormality surgeries. In Vietnam, congenital hand abnormalities are quite common malformations in newborns. Research shows that this kind of congenital abnormality is typically due to genetics, but the cause of most cases of congenital malformations are usually unknown. Hand malformations have a huge affect on the physical ability and psychological development of children, and to find the best solution for each specific case, the patient must undergo careful consultation with experienced hand surgery specialists.

After obtaining a diagnosis, doctors may recommend hand surgery in order to realise three objectives: to help children to control their hands; to improve the skin’s sensation of touch; and recover the holding functions of the hand. We sometimes cannot achieve all three objectives with one surgery. However, a surgery which is performed in the right way and at the right time will help to repair congenital deformities and give the child better use of their hands.

In addition to the doctors and nurses from FV Hospital’s Orthopaedics Department, the conference will also be attended by doctors and managers from the orthopaedics and general paediatrics departments from the big hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, such as the Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital, Children’s Hospital 1, Children’s Hospital 2, Ho Chi Minh City Medical University Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital and some other hospitals in the central and northern regions of Vietnam.

FV Hospital is very proud to be selected to host the “Congenital hand abnormality surgery in children” conference, which will offer both foreign and local doctors a great opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of congenital abnormality and treatment techniques.

Members of CHASG and the doctors involved hope to help more children with congenital hand abnormalities and repair their deformities so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

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