Currently, FV Hospital has been implementing the COVID-19 vaccination process, similar to the international standard procedure being applied in the French Republic. This process does not require lots of personnel, and it speeds up the vaccination amount, ideal for application to large community vaccination campaigns. Thanks to its scientific application, saving personnel while ensuring the safety of vaccination recipients, the process is currently being applied at all vaccination campaign sites run by FV staff.

According to the process, vaccination appointments are arranged by group, within  specific time frames to conform to the regulations on social distancing, ensuring safety for those who come to the hospital for injections. Patients will be instructed to self-screen before the injection, then will once again be screened by the nurse again to ensure upmost safety. Further health examination will only be performed in special cases or on the advice of a doctor. Next, the patient will go to the waiting area.

In the injection waiting area, each person will receive the patient education material specific to type of vaccine they will receive. The document includes its effects, possible reactions after injection, as well as post-injection care instructions. Once they fully understand it, and consent to treatment, they will receive the injection. Anyone with any concern can consult the medical staff at the waiting area for further explanation.

The patients participating in the vaccination campaign were all excited when they were vaccinated early with modern and safe procedures at FV
The patients participating in the vaccination campaign were all excited when they were vaccinated early with modern and safe procedures at FV

Next, the patient will be guided in small groups to the vaccination area. Each injection point will have a nurse in charge of vaccination and post-injection monitoring. Nurses are carefully trained on the steps in the safe vaccination process with the COVID-19 vaccine. Besides, all vaccination sites and waiting areas after injection are fully equipped with the necessary emergency equipment to manage any case of serious adverse reaction to the vaccination.

Finally, patients wait at the post-vaccination area for about 15 minutes,   for those who have a history of previous allergies will wait 30 minutes. Following this they are free to go home. Before leaving, each person will be informed of the specific appointment schedule for the second dose. After the both doses are completed, they will receive a digital vaccination certificate via email that includes the full information about the vaccine as well as the date of injection for both doses.

Currently, with this procedure, three  nurses and one doctor and administrative support groups, FV is able to perform the vaccinations for 800 people per day. In addition to being quick and convenient, the process is the focus by the Board of Directors to ensure the safety of patients whilst meeting the standard model to meet the huge demand for vaccination.

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