Elevate your beauty, Perfect for every moment with special discounts of up to 20% at FV Lifestyle

Summer is the perfect time for exciting explorations. But don’t miss the change to enhance your skin and body at FV Lifestyle Clinic to confidently enjoy an unforgettable holiday! Hot news for the ladies: FV has recently launched the summer promotion with up to 20% off, allowing you to elevate your beauty and look perfect for every moment throughout the summer.

With advanced beauty technologies and safe beauty procedures that follow JCI international healthcare standards. Our experienced team of experts are deeply knowledgeable about aesthetics, who always update themselves with the latest beauty trends and techniques; FV Lifestyle is committed to bringing you the desired beauty appearance.

To enable your unique natural beauty to shine and reveal the best version of yourself, FV Lifestyle is offering discounts of up to 20% from 15th May to 15th August 2024. Promotions include:

  • 15% discount on cosmetic surgery packages (breast implants, abdominoplasty, liposuction, etc.) and non-invasive cosmetic surgery (fillers, botox, and thread lifting, etc.) (**)
  • 20% discount on skin and laser services (Acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, lightening uneven skin tone, scar removal, hair removal, tattoo removal, etc.) (*)

(*) Purchased service is valid for one year with unlimited quantity.

(**) Applicable to the surgical package and physician fees. Not applicable for implants, nor for any extra expenses outside the surgical package.

Enhance your beauty with safety

Everyone always wants to have a vibrant appearance. The most important thing is how to beautify oneself correctly and safely. Each person needs to carefully consider and choose reputable beauty facilities and services to avoid “losing money and possibly causing harm.”

FV Lifestyle Clinic, under FV Hospital, with international JCI certification for patient safety and meticulous postoperative care procedures, helps reduce pain and accelerate recovery. At FV Lifestyle, you will feel completely assured and confident throughout the process, from examination, consultation to procedure execution. Our team of doctors are trained both in France and Vietnam, with thorough training and extensive experience. Our experts will help you choose a beauty style that suits you, blending the best of both Asian and European trends, keeping up with modern aesthetic trends.

FV Lifestyle Clinic offers a range of safe beauty services, including:

  • Cosmetic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic surgery: Rhinoplasty, adjustments to protruding ears, face lift and eyelid reshaping, breast implants through implants and autologous fat grafting, abdominoplasty, liposuction, fillers, botox, and thread lifting by stem cells and exosomes, etc.
  • Skin and laser services: Acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, lightening uneven skin tone, scar removal, hair removal, tattoo removal, etc.

FV Lifestyle Clinic collaborates with the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – Dental Surgery Department at FV to perform chin and facial plastic surgery

In addition to enhancing the beauty of our clients providing flawless skin and body, the team of experts at FV Lifestyle Clinic consists of experienced doctors who specialised in shaping and correcting cosmetic flaws or correcting previous cosmetic damage, such as breast implants, surgical scars, burn scars, crooked nose, drooping eyelids, etc.

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