Fire Safety Week at FV Hospital

Fire Safety Week, an annual event, will be held at FV Hospital from 6th to 10th November 2017 to raise awareness of staff and patients on fire safety at the hospital.

At FV hospital, fire safety is one of the top priorities because if any fire incident happens, it may cause serious loss of facilities, data and even casualty.

Activities expected during this year’s fire safety week include:

  • Fire Safety booth with audio, visual training on fire safety – at Ground floor
  • Fire safety training in hospital by Fire Police – at Auditorium
  • Patient Evacuation training by Fire Police – at Auditorium
  • Training on using of Fire Extinguisher by Fire Police – near assembling point No. 1
  • Firefighting and rescue drill
  • Fire safety and evacuation in high building training by Fire Police – at Auditorium
  • LPG Gas safety training by Gas supplier – at Auditorium
  • Fire risk assessment – at departments
  • Best Fire safety compliance department award
  • Photo session, immediately photo printing out at booth