FV Hospital Achieves Its Third Consecutive JCI Certificate

FV Hospital has just achieved the Joint Commission International (JCI)’s Quality Gold Seal certification for the third time in a row since receiving its inaugural award in 2016. Healthcare centres which achieve this standard of excellence are reassessed every three years according to JCI’s updated standards.

JCI is the world’s leading and prestigious organisation for international medical quality assessment and certification. According to JCI (, only four hospitals in Vietnam have achieved JCI Gold Seal certification, and FV is the first and only hospital in southern Vietnam to achieve JCI certification for the third consecutive time.

JCI has become the cultural norm for everyone who works at FVH

This international leading medical quality certification demonstrates FV’s excellence in ensuring comprehensive international standards across all departments and confirms that FV offers the highest level of patient safety, affirmed by the Hospital’s Director, Doctor Jean-Marcel Guillon: “JCI has become the culture which informs the daily routine of all hospital members. Patient safety has always been a priority and the norm for the FV team.”

This third JCI Gold Seal certification has once again demonstrated the determination of the FV team to fulfil its goal to become a leading medical service provider in Asia.

It’s also a great source of pride, as during this third assessment, FV Hospital achieved an impressive score of 98% from nearly 1,200 rigorous JCI criteria. FV Hospital was highly ranked by the expert JCI team in the recent quality appraisal.

FV Hospital is proud to receive JCI certification for the third time in a row

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon shared: “I am very proud of my team members, all of whom have been extremely proactive and collaborative in our work to achieve the JCI gold standard again. My role with regards to participation and direction was minimal, as the team knew exactly what to do to ensure success.”

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon further emphasised that JCI re-evaluates JCI-certified hospitals, including FV, with an increasing degree of quality control every three years to ensure continuous improvement in treatment service and medical care. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to wait until a JCI expert conducts a re-evaluation to update our protocols. JCI standards have become the culture of the hospital, an ongoing process of improvement that has been adopted as naturally as breathing. Achieving its third consecutive JCI certification with a score of 98% proves this point. Despite the pandemic’s many challenges, nothing has changed the habit of complying with strict international standards and the detail-oriented care delivered by the whole team. JCI standards have helped FV to prevail throughout the pandemic, and brought many contributions to its community. All procedures from consultation, examination and diagnosis through treatment and rehabilitation are performed to this gold standard in healthcare. This means that FV enforces aseptic hygiene standards, excellent waste management and infection prevention, and maintains medical equipment, facilities and all other amenities in compliance with the highest international standards.

In addition, the operating principles of FV hospital always follow strict adherence to international standard treatment regimens, with clear, detailed medical records which ensure nothing is omitted to ensure a clear record of each round of treatment. This also helps to reduce medical risks for patients and helps to protect the medical team, helping each member to be more confident in developing their skills in patient care.

Keep the JCI torch burning

The Quality Management Department plays an important role in building and maintaining the JCI culture at FV Hospital. A variety of activities, programmes, contests and screening systems are developed and organised on a regular basis. Sub-committees, Surgical Consultation Committee, Infection Prevention and Control Board, Operating Room Hygiene Committee, Risk Control Team, Medicine Council, Quality Control Board and the Fire Safety Committee regularly organise workshops, roundtables, training courses, and internal contests to improve knowledge about JCI standards at every staffing level.

FV’s “online risk management system” operates 24 hours a day and is considered a pioneering model in Vietnam. When an incident occurs at any area of the hospital, it is immediately reported to the system and the report transferred to the management level of the relevant department for immediate reaction. At the same time, the report is sent to the Quality Management Department for evaluation, classification and investigation of the cause so that this team can propose solutions and prevent the problem from occurring again. Simultaneously, hundreds of procedures and programmes based on JCI international standards are developed to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction for patients, such as “Customer Complaint Management and Handling Programme”, “Customer Complaints Management Programme”, Risk Reduction” and “Plan for natural disaster prevention and control”.

After nearly 20 years of operations, FV’s facilities and medical equipment have been consistently updated so that staff have access to the latest innovations, maintained in optimal working condition. FV is committed to investing in the latest equipment and technology, building and expanding further to improve the quality of treatment offered and the capability to treat more patients.

The entire FV team was overjoyed, bursting with happiness and pride when the hospital won its third JCI Gold Seal.

To mark the occasion of FV winning the JCI Gold Seal for the third time in a row, from now until the end of May, 2022, FV Hospital is offering a 10 per cent discount for all patients who register for the FV Membership Programme. This healthcare plan at FV enables members to enjoy unlimited outpatient visits and be covered by insurance for up to 80 per cent of the cost for inpatient treatment or childbirth, all for a low annual fee. To learn more about FV Membership Programs, please visit: