FV Hospital Honours Doctors On Vietnamese Doctor’s Day – 27th February

Among the noblest professions
The doctor in a white coat
Always beside their patients, with love
Saving life, curing illness and healing pain

– Poem by Le Gia Hoai

Every year, on 27th February, Vietnamese people have an occasion to show their appreciation for their doctors – professionals who are wholeheartedly devoted to using all of their knowledge and strength to treat and care for their patients.

On this Vietnamese Doctor’s Day, everyone at FV Hospital, as well as our many patients, respectfully sends their best wishes to these angels in white coats.

We wish everyone who used to work, currently works and will work in the medical field in the future to always be in good health and enjoy every happiness and success in their distinguished career.

The origin of Vietnamese Doctor’s Day, 27th February

On February 27th, 1955, on the occasion of Vietnam’s Medical Workers Conference, Uncle Ho Chi Minh sent a letter recommending three maxims: To unite, love patients, and work together to develop medicine in the country.

Because of this significant letter, in 1985, Vietnam decided to make February 27th the official annual Vietnamese Doctor’s Day.

Additionally on 27th February, FV Hospital held a ceremony to honour its doctors, attended by FV’s Board of Directors and doctor team.

FV’s doctors and Board of Directors

To open the event, FV’s CEO Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon reviewed FV Hospital’s recent achievements and introduced investment projects and the orientation of FV Hospital for the New Year 2018 with his colleagues.

CEO Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon congratulates FVH doctors on Vietnamese Doctor’s Day

Next, Acting Medical Director Dr Henri Maries and Nursing Director Ms Lee Poh Lian thanked all the doctors working inside and outside FV Hospital who jointly overcome difficulties to ensure that patients in Vietnam receive world-class healthcare services at FVH.

Outpatient Department (OPD) Manager Ms. Hue XXX, who leads the medical secretary team which works closely with doctors to look after OPD patients, is also a patient who has been cared for FV doctors twice when undergoing caesarean section to deliver her two children. Deeply moved and happy, she sent thanks to all the medical team by reading aloud the meaningful poem “Noble Doctor Profession” by Le Gia Hoai.

The emotional atmosphere was further heightened by Dr Juan Lucas Rosas performing the song “Stars” from the musical “Les Miserables”.

The doctors take pictures together during the event

At the end of the show, the doctors took pictures together and shared memorable experiences from their work before enjoying a coffee break.

The ceremony at FV Hospital was short, simple but warm. During the party, you could hear doctors telling each other that they could “only take 15 minutes, because the patients can’t wait”. As everyone in the medical profession knows, sometimes a meal break only means taking a few minutes to eat something fast, quickly, and then getting back to work.

Again, let’s feel the unspeakable thinking of the people who had and are pursuing medical careers through author Le Gia Hoai’s poem Noble Doctors Profession.

Noble Doctors Profession
Author: Le Gia Hoai

There’s a very noble profession, you know!
The doctor with a white blouse
Always beside the patients with much love
Curing the life and healing pain.

I already knew those night shifts
Standing beside their patients, feeling their pain
Hearing the cry feel as scattered hearts
Loving patients like siblings.

Many times doctors work in silence
Seeing death waiting beyond the operating table
Their hearts full of pity, tears falling sorrowfully
Sorry for life, for each fading life.

No lack of quiet moments
The happiness of seeing patients get better
Each tablet – retaken moment – everlasting beauty
[Help doctors] forget the worry, forget the sorrow.

As for patients, nobody will forget
The merit granted by their doctors
People remember forever after
That “Doctors are like a gentle mother” in the world