FV hospital hosts Medical Equipment Safety Symposium 2019

To promote awareness on medical equipment safety, FV Hospital will organize a programme on “Medical Equipment Safety Symposium” from 21st to 25th October 2019. The week will open up with a Medical Equipment Safety Symposium on the morning of the 21st of October, where presentations will be given by medical equipment manufacturers, including Philips, GE, Olympus, & Draeger; FV Hospital representatives, including the CFO and the Facility Director; and the ECRI;  to invited guests, comprising of representatives of DOH, hospitals based in the city, the press, executives, doctors and users of medical equipment.

In the afternoon, the Medical Equipment Safety Booth shall be inaugurated by the Executives at FV Hospital. From then a weeklong programme will run on safety of medical equipment, which will include educational fun games and the chance to buy interesting souvenirs. The booth will be situated on the ground floor of FV Hospital.

During the week, from 22nd to 24th Oct, specialists from the medical equipment manufacturers will be present in the auditorium to interact with users of the equipment from respective departments. This will be a unique opportunity for our users to interact with the specialists on application, usage, any operational doubts, accessory and consumable matching, infection control procedures and learning how best to take care of the equipment.

The schedule for participation will be as follows:

  • 22nd October – 12pm to 2pm – Olympus (rigid and flexible scopes – FO and Video Scopes)
  • 22nd October – 2pm to 4pm – Draeger (Adult and Neonatal Ventilator, Anaesthesia Machine, & Neonatal Care Equipment)
  • 23rd October – 12pm to 2pm – GE (ventilator and anaesthesia machine)
  • 24th October – 12pm to 2pm – B Braun (syringe and infusion pumps)

Lunch and Snacks, along with beverages, will be provided for all participants for the above seminars

On 25th October, there will be a grand closing ceremony with a host of awards 

  • Best Department for the Use of Scopes – given by Olympus
  • Best Department for the Use of Equipment – given by Philips
  • Best Department for the Use of Pumps – given by B Braun
  • Best Department for the Use of Ultrasound – given by GE
  • Best Medical Equipment User Department – Overall – given by ECRI
  • Best Department for Managing Operating Errors – given by FV Hospital
  • Best Department for Managing Equipment Accessories – given by FV Hospital
  • Best Department for Documentation of Medical Equipment – given by FV Hospital
  • Best Department for Installation of New Equipment – given by FV Hospital

All awards include a plaque and attractive gifts…


There will be many interesting and useful activities for FV staff and customers at the booth on the ground floor of the F Building at FV Hospital

  • Sharing useful information & safety regulations about medical equipment.
  • Games & riddles with prizes.

Through the programme, the hospital will share with the community good safety practices which are followed at FV Hospital. In addition, the hospital will be awarding departments using medical equipment on the following categories based on their performance for the entire year:

FV Hospital is proud to be one of the few hospitals in Vietnam to have JCI certification – an international certification for patient safety and assurance of safety in the operation of medical equipment. The “Medical Equipment Safety Symposium” is an opportunity for FV staff and doctors to improve their knowledge and practice of using equipment to provide customers with the best healthcare service.

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