FV Hospital in Cambodia talks to schools about diabetes and hepatitis

On August 28, FVH Representative Office in Cambodia gave a talk on diabetes and hepatitis A, B and C at the invitation of the American International School (AIS) in Phnom Penh.

Dr Racime VEUK talked on diabetes and hepatitis A, B, C

This event aimed to educate on the basics of diabetes and hepatitis and discuss the causes, prevention and treatments of these diseases with the pedagogical community.

The teachers and staff of AIS attended a detailed presentation by Dr Racime Veuk from FV Hospital before being able to offer their concerns and questions in relation to these diseases. Most of the arising questions were about how to prevent hepatitis and diabetes, where to get treatment and the promotional programmes offered at FV Hospital.

Q & A at the workshop

Cambodia now is one of the top five countries with the highest rate of hepatitis in the world. However, public awareness and understanding of prevention, treatment and care for hepatitis are limited. Diagnosing hepatitis A, B and C is only possible at the main hospitals. Luckily, the rate of children under age five affected with hepatitis B is now decreasing thanks to a vaccination campaign launched by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia.

The number of patients with diabetes in Cambodia is now also very high. A survey conducted jointly by Diabetes Association of Cambodia and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in both rural and urban areas of Cambodia showed that the diabetes rates in people aged 25 years and older are five per cent and 10 per cent, respectively.

AIS representative (left) gave flowers to Dr Racime VEUK

This number, assessed by Dr Racime, is surprisingly high since the obesity rate in Cambodia is much lower than in other countries. “Diabetes is one of the most terrifying diseases and a quiet killer in Cambodia,” he says.