FV hospital introduces Nylon biodegradable bags to protect The environment

According to incomplete statistics, in Vietnam, each family uses on average about 5-7 plastic bags per day. Thus, everyday millions of nylon bags are released into the environment causing pollution and affecting the earth’s ecosystem. In response to this situation, many organizations and programmes are calling for eliminating nylon bags around the world.

In order to contribute to environmental protection, FV Hospital has introduced biodegradable nylon bags. Despite being developed many years ago, it was in March 2019 when the project of using biodegradable bags at FV was widely applied in the departments following numerous times of testing the safety and hygiene health levels. Compared to traditional plastic bags, the cost of biodegradable bags is about 20% higher, but in return the materials are completely environmentally friendly. The bag is made from quality plastic HDPE or LDPE (*), mixed with bio-additives such as organic fatty acids. Under the impact of natural and microorganism factors, over time, the bag decomposes and dissolves into the soil and water environment without causing any environmental pollution.

Currently, FV Hospital has in turn put into use nearly 30 types of biodegradable packaging for all departments, such as in the Happy Shop, Pharmacy Department, and Surgical Department. As the request of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the bag’s decomposing time must reach 60% or more within 24 months. In fact, biodegradable nylon bags used by FV have a degradation time of up to 70% within 24 months. In addition, the product also obtained a biodegradable certificate according to ASTM 6954 by RISE Institute. Based in Sweden, the institute is one of the five prestigious Microbiological Testing Laboratories of biodegradable products.

With the use of environmentally friendly products, such as biodegradable plastic bags, and rice straws, high-grade paper drinking cups, among others, to follow, FV Hospital is committed to operating within the environment in a healthy, sustainable way.

(*) Note: HDPE / LDPE (Hight / Low Density Poli Eti) is a lightweight / flexible plastic commonly used in packaging design, and plastic bottles.