FV Hospital Upgrades Its Internal Medicine Ward

As part of its mission to constantly improve the quality of medical services offered, FV Hospital renovated and reopened its Internal Medicine Ward in September, 2018.

The entrance to FV Hospital’s Internal Medicine Department

After six months of construction, FV’s Internal Medicine Ward, located on the fourth floor of the Hospital, has been completely refreshed. Rooms have a luxurious, modern feel in harmony with the rest of the ward; some have been upgraded to coronary care units (CCU) and the number of VIP rooms has been increased. In total, the Department of InternalMedicine now has 32 patient rooms, including deluxe rooms, VIP rooms and CCU and HDU rooms.

In addition to renovating its facilities, the ward’s equipment has been updated to include the latest generation of health monitors, infusion pumps and enteral feeding pumps, and specialised machinery for cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment, ensuring optimal infection control and prevention for improved patient safety.

The Ward also has a dedicated room for patients undergoing cardiovascular intervention at the Cathlab.

FV’s Internal Medicine Ward is now ready to welcome Internal Medicine, Oncology, Gastroenterology and Cardiology Department patients.

The renovation of the Internal Medicine Ward has contributed to the uptick in patient satisfaction when being cared for at FV Hospital. Our hospital is constantly improving and developing, from expanding its staff to improving equipment and amenities to further its goal of delivering safe, effective healthcare.

VIP rooms are bright, airy and spacious to ensure the best experience for patients

Double rooms are elegantly designed and fully equipped

All rooms are fully equipped for monitoring and treatment

All equipment and amenities are orderly

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