FV Hospital’s Staff Shows Enthusiasm For The “Give Blood – Give Hope” Programme

On September 21, more than 157 FV employees participated in FV’s “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme, donating more than 160 units of blood at FV Hospital for the National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion.

Give Blood – Give Hope” took place from 8 am to 2 pm. Many FV employees participated in this blood donation programme for the first time; others regularly give blood to help those in need.

Physiotherapist Mr Nguyen Quang Long was one of the first to donate blood:”I don’t feel it was a big deal because it was the eighth time I donated blood. It’s a small act to help the community.”

Ms Ho Thi Kim Dung, from FV’s Laboratories, was also in the first group to take blood and said: “I enlisted to donate blood early so that I could return to work. I don’t remember clearly how many times I have donated blood, but I do so one to two times a year. I’m so happy to join hands to help the community! Now I just hope that I am always in good health so that I can help more people. ”

Mr Truong Thi Truc Thanh, medical ward secretary, donated blood for the first time: “At first I was a little scared but then my fear went away. Although it was the first time I had given 250 ml of blood, I felt no pain. My health is good and I will donate more if I have the opportunity.”

Organisers captured many beautiful pictures of blood donors. Doctors and nurses donated blood together in relaxed groups. From security guards to handywomen, everyone was eager to participate, laughing happily while waiting for their session to give blood. The vibrant atmosphere soon spread to visitors to the hospital.

Mrs Duong Thi Thanh Van, 53, registered to participate while visiting family in the hospital. She said:

Seeing the poster announcing the programme, I thought I must definitely give blood. I feel very happy when I can help other patients, especially those poor patients who do not have favourable conditions for blood transfusion. My blood type is O so it can be given to anyone.

According to statistics from the National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Vietnam needs around 1.9 million units of blood every year – that’s around 5,200 units of blood per day for emergencies, accidents, surgeries, hemorrhaging patients, cancer patients, and other cases. However, the amount of blood available to healthcare centres in Vietnam currently meets half of the demand, which means there are many unfortunate instances where patients don’t receive the blood they need.

FV’s programme “Give Blood – Give Hope” reflects the Vietnamese spirit of caring for each other, and FV’s staff spirit of sharing love and compassion.

Before donating blood, the health of all participants was assessed. After giving 250 ml to 450 ml of blood, the staff rested for about 30 minutes. Organisers also offered gifts such as travel allowances, snacks, drinks and fresh milk as token thank yous to the volunteers. Every blood donor also received a “Blood Donation Volunteer Certificate”.

Every drop of blood donated gives patients more strength to overcome their disease. The Vietnamese spirit of “Love your neighbour as yourself” will always shine and be promoted strongly at FV Hospital.

Some pictures from the programme:

Volunteers are tested before donating blood

Enlisting to donate blood before work begins

Mr Tran Dinh Thieu, currently a trainee at FV Hospital, is eager to donate blood

Ms Phuong Anh feels “comfortable, light and cheerful” after making her contribution to the community

Dentist Nguyen Thi Bich Chieu laughs when donating blood

Female guard Tran Thi Thuy is very happy to be donating blood for the first time

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